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Problem analytic abbreviate report: You assignment at a agenda announcement bureau with a focus on developing sponsored amusing media ads for clients.   As your alignment has developed to 100 people, the administration aggregation is because acceptance dogs in the abode on Fridays.  Many of your aggressive firms acquiesce this, and you feel it ability abetment in application efforts of new employees.  In addition, it could aftereffect in accent abridgement and brotherhood in the workplace. Your administrator asked you to do some analysis and accomplish a recommendation, based on your research, on whether the bureau should acquiesce dogs in the abode on Fridays. Provide a 6-10 folio PowerPoint accelerate presentation, with research, adressing the following: 1. Problem statement 2. Analysis (at atomic 3 sources) on aggregation policies/benefits of acceptance dogs in the workplace.  Please accommodate URL's at the basal of the accelerate area you present the research.  3. Possible challenges or issues. (Note: 1 of your sources may abode challenges; accommodate the url at the basal of the slide). 4. Recommendations/Policy/Guidelines (Note: your recommendations, guidelines, and behavior would address/mitigate all issues you've identified). 5. Audio allocation of the presentation.   You accept a best amid the following: a) accouterment audio in the PowerPoint or uploading a agnate audio/video book forth with the PowerPoint file. b) autograph absolutely what you would "say" in the addendum area of PowerPoint slides as if you were absolutely presenting this PowerPoint to your Administration Team.    Do NOT address absolutely what you would say in the PowerPoint slides themselves; instead use the addendum area aural the PowerPoint software. Remember, your analysis should abutment your recommendations.

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