PowerPoint presentation

For this assignment, brainstorm that you are a healthcare administrator, and you accept noticed that some of your advisers accept become a bit lax in how they present their claimed angel to the patients. There accept additionally been contempo instances of accessory ethical infractions. You adjudge to authority a affair with all of the advisers to altercate this affair and retrain.  Develop a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 8–12 slides (not counting the appellation and advertence slides) to allotment at this meeting. In the presentation, abode the afterward topics:  the accent of claimed angel in accommodating affliction including appearance, grooming, and language; the accent of advancement claimed and able ethical standards; the affiliation amid communication, personality, and belief and how they can assignment calm to advice advisers present a able angel to patients; and methods advisers can use to advance their own claimed images.  Be as artistic as accessible with this presentation. Try to grab your admirers appropriate from the start, and authority their absorption throughout your presentation. You may use pictures or cartoon or alternative forms of multimedia to allegorize your points. You are awful encouraged to advance the Notes area of the presentation to add added talking credibility to enhance the bulletin you appetite to get across.  In accession to your textbook, you charge use at atomic one peer-reviewed antecedent and one antecedent from a reputable, industry-specific website (e.g., government entities, nonprofit organizations). All sources used, including the arbiter charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying citations. All references or citations acclimated charge be in APA style. 

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