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Due Week 6 and account 150 pointsDevelop a PowerPoint presentation (12-18 slides in length).  It should accommodate a appellation slide, an calendar slide, anatomy agreeable slides, a closing slide, and a references accelerate (if applicable). All slides calculation against the adapted length. The agreeable should focus on some aspect of amusing media use in the workplace.  Potential examples accommodate the accent of companies all-embracing amusing media, announcement through amusing media, behavior involving amusing media, able able advice through amusing media platforms, or any cardinal of alternative angles. The presentation charge be submitted in .PPT or .PPTX format.  Any alternative acquiescence formats will be alternate ungraded. The PowerPoint presentation charge attach to the afterward requirements: Content: Address some aspect of amusing media use in the workplace. Organize the presentation in a clear, analytic manner. Provide amid 12-18 absolute slides. Assume your ambition admirers is accustomed with the all-embracing abstraction of amusing media. Format: Follow the architecture requirements from Chapter 12-3 (pages 218-223) in BCOM9. Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on anniversary slide, and two to three (2-3) accordant cartoon (photographs, graphs, blow art, etc.) throughout the presentation (not per slide), ensuring that the presentation is visually ambrosial and clear from 18 anxiety away. Open with an agreeable addition (including one appellation accelerate and one addition slide). For the anatomy of your presentation, awning the capital credibility of your subject. Actualize slides that reinforce and allegorize your capital ideas. For your distinct closing slide, accomplishment with a memorable authoritativeness account that refocuses on the purpose of your presentation. Slides should adduce any accordant alfresco sources application footnotes on accordant slides (the antecedent should be acutely arresting to the audience) OR in SWS architecture (in-text citations on slides and an included references folio at the end of the presentation).  Choose one adjustment or the alternative (do not mix both). Clarity / Mechanics: Focus on clarity, autograph mechanics, and able language/style requirements. Run spell/grammar analysis afore submitting. Your appointment charge be completed in PowerPoint (using either .PPT or .PPTX format). Your assistant may accommodate added instructions. Assignments charge be submitted through the online advance carapace only. The specific advance acquirements outcomes associated with this appointment are: Plan, create, and appraise able documents. Write clearly, coherently, and persuasively application able grammar, mechanics, and formatting adapted to the situation. Deliver able advice to assorted audiences application adapted tone, style, and format. Develop presentation abilities for use in the able environment. To download the appointment instructions provided aloft and appointment rubric, click here.   Criteria Unacceptable Below 60% F Meets Minimum Expectations 60-69% D Fair 70-79% C Proficient 80-89% B Exemplary 90-100% A 1. Acquiescence meets the agreeable requirements categorical in appointment details. Weight: 30% Submission agreeable missing assorted adapted elements, has assorted issues with development of content, or does not chronicle to the declared requirements. Submission missing at atomic one acclaimed agreeable claim and has assorted issues with development of provided agreeable items. Submission is missing at atomic one claim or has specific development issues with provided agreeable items. Submission includes all declared requirements and best are able-bodied developed. Submission includes all declared requirements and is able-bodied developed. 2. Appointment meets the architecture requirements categorical in appointment details. Weight: 25% Assignment makes little or no attack to accommodated the declared architecture requirements. Assignment is missing at atomic two architecture requirements (or there are above errors as acclaimed in comments). Assignment is missing at atomic one architecture claim and/or has 4-5 accessory errors. Assignment includes all declared architecture requirements and has 2-3 accessory errors. Assignment includes all declared architecture requirements and has 0-1 accessory errors. 3. Audience, purpose, and all-embracing capability of the PowerPoint Presentation. Weight: 30% The PowerPoint Presentation is not appropriately targeted, the purpose is unclear, and/or the bulletin is abortive in accomplishing its goal(s). The PowerPoint Presentationhas above errors in at atomic two of the areas (audience, purpose, or all-embracing effectiveness). The PowerPoint Presentationhas a above absurdity in at atomic one of the areas (audience, purpose, or all-embracing effectiveness).  The PowerPoint Presentationmostly addresses the able audience, about achieves its purpose, and is somewhat effective. The PowerPoint Presentation addresses the able audience, achieves its purpose, and is effective. 4. Clarity, autograph mechanics, able language/style requirements. Weight: 15% More than 8 errors present. 7-8 errors present. 5-6 errors present. 3-4 errors present. 0-2 errors present.

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