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  Your applicant is a aggregation that has been cited with a apprehension of abuse for absolution baneful chemicals into the borough avenue system. The authoritative authorities are acute that the aggregation advance a decay administration plan to abode the violations accompanying to the accomplishment process. A basic appraisal concludes that the baneful chemicals are all-important because of old and anachronous equipment. Administration wants to get aback into compliance, spending as little basic as possible. They accept that abacus added abuse ascendancy at the end of the action is a reasonable solution. You accept that if the aggregation spends added capital, the accessories can be updated, eliminating the charge for baneful chemicals. Neither band-aid yields a bigger affection product. Prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation to accord to the controlling board of your client. Organize the presentation as follows: Slide 1: Summarize the bearings and accepted goals so that the board will accept that you are on the aforementioned page. Slide 2: Review the above account and absorbed abaft the Abuse Prevention Act (PPA). Summarize the key elements of the PPA in one accelerate that chronicle to this scenario. Slides 3-4: Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the band-aid that seeks to install added abuse accessories at the end of the process. Slides 5-6: Summarize the backbone and weaknesses of your band-aid to absorb added funds to advancement the accessories acclimated to accomplish the product. Slide 7: Set the date for acceptable the board to accept your advocacy by assuming the key differences amid the two options. Slides 8-9: Apply the key account of the PPA (slide 2) to anniversary scenario. Slide 10: Ask the board to accomplish a decision, reminding them that barter and shareholders may appraise their artefact cast and acceptability based on the decisions that they accomplish now to go in a blooming position. Slides 11-15: Provide added abundant slides for the board to apprehend after as they accede your proposal. These slides should ample in the GAPS in your 10-slide presentation. You are appropriate to use a minimum three acclaimed sources, which charge be cited and referenced appropriately. 

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