Follow these appointment ambit in your presentation:

  • Identify three concise goals and three abiding goals accompanying to your able aspirations. You may additionally accommodate a five-year plan if you wish. These goals should be reasonable aural the time frames presented.
  • Describe how you plan to accommodated your able goals:
    • What accomplish will you take?
    • What milestones will you set? (How will you apperceive you are authoritative progress?)
    • How will you use your strengths to accommodated your goals?
    • What challenges do you foresee, and how will you affected them to accommodated your goals?
    • Include opportunities to advantage your ePortfolio and alternative assets to accommodated your goals.
  • Explain how this nursing affairs and specific courses or assignments aural it impacted your goals (goals met and goals still to achieve).
    • Identify specific achievements during your affairs (e.g., a ambition GPA, an appearance goal, certificates, bigger autograph skills).
    • Self-evaluate your success at affair the affairs outcomes and essentials.
  • Identify memorable assignments or courses, epiphanies, or moments back your advance appointment anon impacted your able work. 
  • Describe your accepted nursing aesthetics and reflect on how it supports your goals and aspirations.  
  • Be abiding to accommodate an addition (introduce yourself briefly) and a cessation to your presentation.


 Information is presented in a clear, analytic adjustment with an credible beginning, middle, and end. The apostle does not jump about from one abstraction to another. A bright closing to the presentation is provided. 

 All ambit of the appointment are met. Links to acknowledging abstracts and beheld aids are acclimated to abutment the announced agreeable back needed. Technical agreement are able-bodied authentic in accent adapted for the ambition audience. References to abstracts or beheld aid apparatus are specific and bright so that they can be calmly identified. Presentation contains authentic and complete information. Ideas, facts, and advice provided authenticate a strong, confident, compassionate of the assignment. 

 The appointment consistently follows accepted APA architecture and is chargeless from errors in formatting, citation, and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly. 

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