Power Point Presentation

Population Presentation:

Individual Presentation 

Each apprentice will accept no after than Week  2 of class, one cultural accumulation and one socio-cultural accumulation from the account provided beneath and set up a PowerPoint presentation (APA style) Minimum of 16 slides. 

Preparation for the presentation will accommodate synthesizing the advice from assigned readings, the accurate literature, Internet resources, and alternative sources. Students will accommodate a minimum of 5 references.

The presentation will abode the following: 

· A abrupt history of the cultural/socio-cultural group

· Values 

· Worldview

· Language and advice patterns

· Art and alternative alive forms

· Norms and rules

· Lifestyle characteristics

· Relationship patterns

· Accepted rituals

· Degree of assimilation or marginalization from boilerplate society

· Bloom behaviors and practices.

The presentation charge accommodate a allusive and adverse assay of accepted characteristics and appropriate ancestry amid the cultural accumulation and the socio-cultural group. As able-bodied as a abrupt account of cogwheel approaches bare by bloom affliction professionals.

Grades will additionally be based on all-embracing affection of the able presentation including handouts and references. The presentation is due by the end of Week 8. 

Cultural   Groups: 

Socio-cultural   group

African   American & African

African   American Heritage, Haitian Heritage

Asian   American, Asian, & Pacific Islander

Chinese   Heritage, Japanese Heritage, Korean Heritage, Filipino Heritage, Russian   Heritage, Thai Heritage, Indian Heritage, Vietnamese Heritage

Native   American

Apache   Heritage, Navajo Heritage, Yakama Heritage, Cherokee Heritage

Hispanic   & Latino Americans

Mexican   Heritage, Brazilian Heritage, Cuban Heritage, Puerto Rico Heritage, Guatemala   Heritage

European American

Jewish   Heritage, Polish Heritage, Baltic   Heritage, Greek Heritage, Turkish Heritage, Irish Heritage, Italian Heritage


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