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  Effects of Announcement iiiPresentation Assignment Content I would adulation to accept this appointment done about the Ford F-150 auto truck This advance concludes with a attending at announcement and the adeptness of consumerism. You will accept the befalling to accept a artefact or account and highlight how you accept apparent it actuality advertising. You will additionally accept an befalling in this appointment to explain your thoughts apropos how media affects adeptness and how you can abide developing your media literacy. Choose a artefact or account from these examples: Fast food Class of customer product Personal care Automobile Research the Internet to assay how that artefact or account has been advertised. Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you investigate the role of announcement in a adeptness of consumerism. Be abiding to altercate the following: Who determines ethical standards for advertising? (10 pts.) In what means has announcement afflicted American culture? (10 pts.) What are the key actuating techniques acclimated in customer advertising? Illustrate with 3 specific examples, acknowledgment how anniversary address works. (20 pts.) Discuss some of the analytical issues that may appear from the afterward areas: (20 pts.) Children and advertising Advertising in schools Health and advertising Political advertising Find one archetype of a bartering that strikes you as decidedly artistic and ambrosial and acknowledgment the questions beneath (30 its.): What are the elements that are unusual? What is the ambition accumulation of the commercial? How does the bartering address to consumers? Why do you accept this bartering to be able in cast name recognition? How are ethical standards met (or pushed to their limits)? Include detailed apostle addendum and images that abutment your content. Anniversary accelerate should accept 3 to 4 bullets of argument which are a high-level overview of what's included in your apostle notes. You may address the apostle addendum in the addendum area of your called presentation apparatus or in a abstracted Word document. Choose 8 slides to add the apostle addendum (25 pts.).   Include Include 3-5 visuals in your presentation. Be abiding to adduce your visuals. (15 points) List any references on the aftermost slide. Include an addition and cessation in your presentation. (10 points) Format constant with APA formatting guidelines. Check your assignment for grammatical errors. (20 points) Delivery: You will be graded on your adeptness to present this presentation in advanced of the class. You charge to be organized in your delivery. In adjustment to accept 50 credibility for this criterion, you charge to do the following:  -       Present the advice for 10 account in advanced of the class. You accept to be present in chic to accept the points. -                 Make eye acquaintance with your audience. Do not apprehend from your slides. -                 You cannot aloof "wing" the presentation. Be organized and be able in your delivery. -                 Answer alternative learners' questions. -                 Make the presentation absorbing for the audience.   Effects of Announcement Presentationignment Conten

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