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As bloom affliction leaders, it is important to accept that bloom affliction is absolutely a activating field. Its connected changes are a aftereffect of continuing trends in regulation, policy, accommodating and provider advancement efforts, as able-bodied as more adult technology and industry benchmarking guidelines.  Address the advice beneath as it pertains to your affair “Analyze the appulse of technology on how bloom affliction casework are delivered. The appulse of technology on agent performance, authoritative structure, and administration planning may additionally be considered”, in an eight to ten accelerate (excluding appellation and advertence slides) PowerPoint presentation. Be abiding to accommodate all of the afterward influences below:  1)  Changes in applicant characteristics 2)  Regulation of the bloom affliction industry  3)  Reimbursement patterns and mandates  4)  Restructuring of bloom affliction organizations  5)  Impact of technology  6)  Ongoing amusing and ethical factors 7)  Your presentation should achieve with a arbitrary anecdotic the afterward concerns:  o  Overall, why should bloom affliction managers be acquainted of this change and trend?  o  What appulse does this trend accept on the stakeholder groups complex (e.g., patients, providers, administrators, third-party payers, legislators, etc.) for a specific alignment defined (e.g., for profit, nonprofit, hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, etc.). Your presentation charge accommodate abundant speaker’s addendum (i.e., at atomic 150 words) for anniversary accelerate as able-bodied as a minimum of one to two current, bookish web sources.  Due 4/9/20 @9AM Eastern

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