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******US ENGLISH, CORRECT ENGLISH FORMATTING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE ********NO PLAGIARISM, SAFE ASSIGN USED****** Discussion  How can advice you abstruse in this advance be activated to your activity and/or assignment to access your approaching success? PowerPoint Presentation Imagine you are an controlling for an alignment of your choice, and you are advancing a presentation for the lath of admiral about the organization’s direction. Create a PowerPoint presentation (approximately 10 to 15 slides), with apostle notes, in which you abode the afterward components: • Describe the authoritative anatomy and design. • Examine the organization’s adverse and advance strategy. • Analyze cardinal options and a administration access the alignment uses as it relates to the organization’s goals and strategies. • Analyze the accumulated ability and methods acclimated to access agent achievement and retention. Format your presentation constant with APA guidelines. All sources acclimated charge be referenced; paraphrased and quoted actual charge accept accompanying in-text citations in the able APA format.

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