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  In Chapters 3 of your argument on table 3.2 there are listed nine models and approaches to authoritative change.  Consider that you are a ample alignment and you are advancing to move your business from New Jersey to Arizona in 12 months.   Your business has 2500 employees.  Some will lose their job, some will retire and some will move with the company.   You accept 12 months to adapt for this authoritative change.   Your job is to acclaim to administration the archetypal (one archetypal please) that they should use over the advancing year to best administer this change.  So, I ask that you adapt a 12- 15 folio presentation (Powerpoint) comparing and allegory the nine models with the end ambition to baddest one that best fits this authoritative situation.  In addition, accommodate a appellation page, an anterior folio (an agenda), a absolute folio and a advertence page.   Anniversary of the 12 - 15 pages should accommodate addendum with at atomic 150 -  200 words anniversary on the addendum area aural Powerpoint.   The addendum reflect comments that you will use for yourself aback you present to administration that aback up your bulleted slides.   The Powerpoint slides that administration will see will be a arbitrary that you will allocution to during the presentation.  The aboriginal bisected of your presentation will accommodate the altercation of the nine models, and in the additional bisected of your presentation, baddest the change archetypal that you anticipate is best adapted for this action of accepting your advisers on lath with the accessible move.  Discuss the phases of the archetypal you baddest and explain why it is best appropriate.   Use several slides to explain the accomplish this aggregation should booty application the recommended archetypal and why they are important for success.   Move through the 12 ages process. Use the abounding options for blush and avant-garde layouts accessible in Powerpoint to accomplish your presentation professional.   Review the rubric. Use APA architecture for this assignment.   Review the acknowledging abstracts aural this appointment for tips on creating a acceptable presentation. See APA advertence guides in the acquaint area of the classroom beneath advance materials.   Find at atomic two alternative references alternative than your book and use the commodity in your presentation.  A website is not a bookish source.  Amuse use a account or commodity from the library.  Your advertence should accept an author!    Avoid quotes.  Use your own words while still citation your sources.   

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