Power Point

My analytic catechism would be: Patients that are adipose and adversity from blazon 2 diabetes, if they would account from bariatric anaplasty over approved medical care, and would abatement diabetes by putting it into remission?         Outcome: Weight loss, best life, diabetes in absolution  Population:  Female, obesity, and diabetes blazon 2   Intervention: Gastric bypass anaplasty Comparison: the blazon of medical affliction that will be accustomed  Directions for power-point 1. Define the analytic key questions based on PICOT. 2. Briefly analysis the database called for key analytic questions. 3. Identify the studies of the database chase that are a Level I or II evidence. 4. Interpret the statistical after-effects of the studies articular in Step 3. 5. Design a presentation. a. Place after-effects /overview of analysis in PowerPoint. b. Length of the presentation should be 12–15 slides.

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