Prepare answers to the afterward chapter-end Critical Acknowledged Thinking Cases from this week's reading.  Each absolutely developed acknowledgment should accommodate an addition and conclusion, a absolute account of the affair actuality  discussed and a absolute assay of a resolution  to the issue. Case 5.2: Apathy on folio 101 Case 6.1: Austere Accountability on folio 117 Your responses should be ample and analytical, and should not aloof accommodate a cessation or an assessment after acknowledgment the acumen for the choice. For abounding credit, you charge to use the actual from the week's lectures, text, alfresco assets and/or discussions back responding to the questions. It is important that you absorb the catechism into your acknowledgment (i.e., recapitulate the catechism in your introduction) and explain the acknowledged principle(s) or concept(s) from the argument that underlies your judgment. For anniversary question, you should accommodate at atomic one advertence in APA architecture (in-text citations and references as declared in detail in the Syllabus). Anniversary acknowledgment should be double-spaced in 12-point font, and your acknowledgment to anniversary catechism should be amid 300 and 1,000 words in length. Please accommodate a abstracted assay for anniversary question.  However, both analyses charge to  be included on one Word certificate to be submitted for grading.  (Please do not  submit anniversary assay separately.) Note: Please be abiding you accredit to the numbers that arise on the printed pages in your cyberbanking readings, not the numbers that arise with the aeronautics icons.  5.2 Apathy Curtis R. Wilhelm endemic beehives and kept the hives on acreage he owned. John Black, who operated a honeybee business, apprenticed to acquirement some beehives from Wilhelm. Black active Santos Flores, Sr. to advice him aces up the beehives from Wilhelm. Black provided Flores with a careful clothing to abrasion while acrimonious up the beehives. Neither Wilhelm nor Black abreast Flores of the crisis of alive with bees. After acrimonious up beehives from Wilhelm’s home, Black and Flores collection to alien acreage endemic by Wilhelm to aces up alternative beehives. Flores opened the blind on his careful suit. After loading one beehive assimilate the truck, Flores started amazing and babble for help. Flores abiding several bee stings, suffered anaphylactic shock reaction, and died afore an ambulance could ability him. Flores’s wife and accouchement sued Wilhelm and Black for apathy for declining to acquaint Flores of the dangers of alive with beehives and the achievability of dying of anaphylactic shock if stung by a bee. Did Wilhelm act abominably by declining to acquaint Flores of the dangers of alive with beehives? Wilhelm v. Flores, 133 S.W.3d 726, Web 2003 Tex. App. Lexis 9335 (Court of Appeals of Texas) 6.1 Austere Accountability Senco Products, Inc. (Senco), articles and markets a array of aeriform attach guns, including the SN325 attach gun, which discharges 3.25-inch nails. The SN325 uses appropriate nails advised and awash by Senco. The SN325 will acquittal a attach alone if two activate mechanisms are activated; that is, the user charge both clasp the attach gun’s feel activate and columnist the attach gun’s cage adjoin a surface, activating the basal trigger, or safety. The SN325 can blaze up to nine nails per added if the activate is continuously depressed and the gun is bounced forth the assignment surface, consistently reactivating the cage safety/trigger. The affirmation appear that the SN325 double-fired already in every 15 firings. Senco rushed the SN325’s assembly in adjustment to advance its position in the market, modifying an absolute attach gun archetypal so that the SN325 could shoot best nails, after agreeable in added testing to actuate whether the use of best nails in that archetypal would access the prevalence of double-fire. John Lakin was application a Senco SN325 attach gun to advice anatomy a new home. Back attempting to attach two-by-fours beneath the bump of his garage, Lakin stood on edge and aloft a awkward over his head. As he captivated the lath in position with his larboard duke and the attach gun in his appropriate hand, he apprenticed the adenoids of the SN325 up adjoin the board, depressed the safety, and pulled the feel activate to blaze the attach into the board. The gun accursed the aboriginal attach and again double-fired, anon absolution an adventitious added attach that addled the aboriginal nail. The gun recoiled berserk astern against Lakin and, with Lakin’s feel still on the trigger, came into acquaintance with his cheek. That acquaintance activated the safety/trigger, causing the attach gun to blaze a third nail. This third attach went through Lakin’s cheekbone and into his brain. The attach penetrated the aboveboard affiliate of the appropriate hemisphere of Lakin’s brain, blocked a above artery, and acquired all-encompassing tissue damage. Lakin was benumbed for several canicule and ultimately underwent assorted surgeries. He suffers abiding academician accident and is clumsy to apperceive advice from the larboard hemisphere of the brain. He additionally suffers fractional aeroembolism of the larboard ancillary of his body. Lakin has undergone a abolitionist personality change and is decumbent to agitated outbursts. He is clumsy to access employment. Lakin’s ahead balmy and admiring accord with his wife and four accouchement has been assuredly altered. He can no best alive with his ancestors and instead resides in a supervised accumulation home for brain-injured persons. Lakin and his wife sued Senco for austere accountability based on architecture defect. Is Senco accountable to Lakin for austere accountability based on a architecture birthmark in the SN325 that accustomed it to double-fire? Lakin v. Senco Products, Inc., 144 Ore.App. 52, 925 P.2d 107, Web 1996 Ore. App. Lexis 1466 (Court of Appeals of Oregon)

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