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Although a registered assistant (RN) is accomplished in abounding areas and is a analytical thinker who is generally asked to booty on added duties in the developing apple of medicine, it is acute that they accomplish alone the tasks that abatement aural their ambit of practice. The ambit of nursing is authentic by the American Nurses Association as the “who”, “what”, “when”, “why” and “how” of nursing convenance (ANA, 2017). When free whether or not an activity is aural the area of practice, several factors charge be taken into account. Does the assistant accept what the act is that they are actuality asked to do?  Even if the assignment is aural the ambit of nursing, if a assistant does not accept what the assignment is or how to do it, it should never be attempted. Is the act banned by law? Accompaniment regulations alter from accompaniment to accompaniment and it is the nurse’s albatross to be acquainted of the laws aural the accompaniment in which they are practicing. Is the act banned aural the accessories action and procedures? Some accessories may accept added acrimonious restrictions as to what tasks a assistant is able to perform. If the assignment is accustomed by accompaniment law, but banned aural the facility, the assistant may be reprimanded by the accompaniment lath for not afterward the action and procedures of their facility. Is the assistant both accomplished and competent to accomplish the task? Abounding of the tasks that the assistant is accepted to accomplish is abstruse above-mentioned to accepting a license. Other tasks may be accomplished on the job, or alike crave specific acceptance (Prather, 2016). As a registered nurse, it is aural my ambit of convenance to abode a nasogastric tube, about as a circulating assistant in the operating allowance for my absolute nursing career, I accept not placed a ng tube in over 10 years and would not feel adequate with the assignment and it would not be safe for myself or the accommodating if I were to do so.   Refrences American Nurses Association. (2017). Ambit and Standards of Practice. Retrieved September 13, 2017, from http://nursingworld.org/scopeandstandardsofpractice   Prather,L., DNP, RN. (2016). Statues, and Polices, and Standards of Care, Oh My! The Abounding Factors That Affect Care Decisions of RNs and LPNs. KBNCONNECTION.  150 words min. Positive acknowledgment with reference. No plagiarism. Due today @ 10:00 pm est  

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