Positive Behavior Planning ( no word count, NO LATE WORK, read everything carefully)

  In an accurate classroom environment, conduct procedures can either be proactive or reactive.  Proactive conduct focuses on classroom administration that is “designed to advance apprentice abstemiousness by absorption abecedary action as the account of conduct problems…” (Henley, Ramsey & Algozzine, 2009, p. 288).  Acknowledging discipline, on the alternative hand, is area the abecedary is responding to conduct problems instead of proactively admiration abeyant situations.  Teachers who ahead and plan for apprentice behaviors accept abiding classroom administration success. You apprehension that back Mr. Franklin tells the chic it is time to stop their assignment and move to the abutting activity, it takes a continued time for the chic to complete their accepted activities, accumulate their materials, and alteration to the abutting class.  Because of this lag time, the acceptance are generally backward to their abutting class, which makes Mr. Franklin feel frustrated.  Responding to this advancing issue, Mr. Franklin tells the chic they will absence 5 account of their cafeteria time to accomplish up for their lateness.  Initial Post: Create an antecedent acknowledgment that explains how Mr. Franklin’s acknowledgment was acknowledging instead of proactive.  Describe at atomic three proactive strategies Mr. Franklin can use for a smoother alteration process.  Include in your description how this action would be implemented with acknowledging affirmation from the readings and Week Four’s Instructor Guidance. 

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