Position Paper

Communication is acclimated to inform, to actuate and to analyze. In this assignment, you will actuate the clairvoyant of your point of appearance by acknowledging a apriorism with cold facts and aboveboard evidence. In the anniversary 2 forum, you called your affair for this paper. You will booty a attitude on this affair and abutment your attitude with aboveboard affirmation in your anatomy paragraphs. For this assignment, you acquire acceptable and artistic options. Choose what will claiming your autograph and what would be adapted for your affair and field: Traditional 5 branch commodity with 1 branch introduction, 3 anatomy paragraphs, and 1 branch conclusion. Op-ed bi-weekly article. Blog post. Letter/proposal to stakeholders. Press release. Letter to the editor. Presidential address. Election accent (written only). Application for a position accompanying to the topic. Defense attorney’s aperture statement. Case brief. Advocacy statement. Call to activity paper. Guidelines: In adjustment to actuate the admirers to acquire the position you are advocating in this paper, you will use altered kinds of appeals: ethos (which involves the believability of the speaker, writer, or ascendancy actuality cited); logos (which involves facts, statistics, and logic); and pathos (which involves emotions). A acceptable actuating altercation uses aboveboard sources, cold evidence, and affecting “hooks” to accomplish use of logos, ethos, and desolation respectively. Be abiding your apriorism account is actual clear.  It should be a distinct complete sentence, including both a accountable and a predicate, that amalgamate to accomplish claim. Example: “The USA should be added aggressive in establishing a attendance on Mars.”   Your addition branch should accommodate a “hook” to grab the reader's attention.  The apriorism account is about apparent in the aboriginal paragraph. Your anatomy paragraphs will abutment the thesis. You should use aboveboard sources and adduce them according to the appearance of your discipline. Your cessation should reiterate the arch credibility from your cardboard and accord the admirers article to consider, affective forward. Requirements: PURPOSE:   To persuade AUDIENCE:   The applicative admirers for the blazon of certificate you've called to write. LENGTH:   500 - 750 words (Times New Roman font) SOURCES:   A minimum of 3 with at atomic 1 from the library, and at atomic 1 from a able account or organization FORMAT:   The commendation appearance that is adapted for your discipline DUE:   SUNDAY 11:55 pm EST of Anniversary 5 SUBMIT:   In ASSIGNMENTS abide your commodity by uploading your Word file Use alone third being (he/she/they) for a added able tone. Avoid aboriginal being (I, my, us, we) and additional being (you and your) in your essay. **Remember that all assignment submitted is to be your own aboriginal assignment except area appropriately accustomed and cited. Do not reclaim work, papers, or speeches from antecedent (or concurrent) classes as this violates APUS academic candor policies. (Make abiding to agenda the area on self-plagiarism.) **

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