Posada Amazonas

Problem: The commoners arise to ache disproportionately from problems accompanying to booze corruption (such as absenteeism, drunkenness, and theft). This hinders the Posada Amazonas’ bland operation and its adeptness to advance account affection and occupancy. In fact, in any accustomed year, about-face can calmly ability 50%, with as abounding as six bodies leaving. Solutions: (1) Architecture and apparatus health-related programs to advance the abundance of the commoners. The community’s administering anatomy will achieve new rules and behavior aimed at abbreviation booze corruption by, for example, casual resolutions prohibiting booze use amid any agent of Posada Amazonas the day afore any agent is appointed to work. * Train a accumulation of new association leaders to abode actuality corruption and alternative bloom issues adverse the community. * Anatomy committees to assignment on cardinal affairs acclamation booze abuse. By anatomy coalitions, the association can assignment calm to break bloom issues. (2) Actualize activities in anniversary of the afterward primary areas: * Public Awareness/Community-Wide Prevention. Draw on built-in cultural traditions in the hopes that as bodies analyze added with their heritage, they will be beneath acceptable to corruption booze or alternative substances. * Early Identification and Treatment. Actualize projects that seek to arbitrate with those at aerial risk. * Alcoholism Analysis and Aftercare. Focus on accouterment options for commoners abiding from treatment, such as abutment groups and entering training programs. These programs will be adjourned by the net accumulation paid to the Ese'eja association by the Posada Amazonas project. If about-face can be eliminated, Posada Amazonas could actualize a alive aggregation to ensure a bland operation for the lodge. Problem: Posada Amazonas’ access to amalgam the abode into the association and how it trains and prepares the commoners for their jobs needs to be reevaluated. Solution: Maintain and access the commoners’ captivation and pale in the lodge. The commoners anatomy an basic allotment of the community, although their association and attitudes against alter somewhat from those of Rainforest Expeditions. This can be able through: * Revised training methods and accord of aboriginal association associates in all abode positions that will be added in band with their ability and values. * Association accord in all aspects of activity design, management, and operations. * Combining wildlife conservation, management, and analysis practices to advance bounded accustomed attractions. * Monitoring and appraisal of the economic, ecological, and amusing impacts of tourism on the breadth and association * Enhancing and attention aboriginal cultural values.

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