Portrayal of Teenage Girls in the Media

In the United States of America, citizens acquire the advantage to adore the abandon of accent and the abandon to authentic their angle and animosity beneath the aegis of the U. S. Constitution. However, there may be a point at which abandon of accent is abused or escalated to an bent akin that may be adverse to the abundance of society, decidedly the adolescence of today and the approaching leaders of our world. Over the years, the catechism “should parents be anxious about the assuming of boyish girls in the media? ” has become a cogent arguable moral affair in society. The assuming of boyish girls in the media is a arguable moral affair because of the cultural acuteness and the perceived concern of the subject. This affair primarily apropos the abundance of animal agreeable and awkward images of adolescent women apparent through the media. Needless to say, this catechism leaves abounding parents ill at ease. Images, perceived norms and new trends are consistently actuality set for how adolescent girls and women charge look, act, think, and feel in adjustment to be acknowledged and accustomed in today’s society. There has been an advancing agitation apropos moral accomplishments that charge to be taken to adapt the account of age acute actual actuality permeated throughout the media. Media is everywhere; it is in classrooms, advertisements, movies, televisions, magazines, newspapers, the internet, the workplace, and in homes all over the country, and it continues to animate the apple and our lives. Media does not alone acquaint actual products, but additionally morals, values, concepts of life, and success, and to some admeasurement course (Killing Us Softly 3). Whether absolute or negative, carefully or unconsciously, media affects anniversary and every one of us every day. Adolescent girls are actuality apparent to a declared ‘ideal’ angel of changeable adorableness through the years of media exposure. For example, the angle that the best important affair to a adolescent woman should be her concrete actualization is an abstraction that is acquired at a actual adolescent age. Alike afore a babe alcove puberty, she is already acquainted of her concrete actualization and the aftereffect it has on her angle in society. Extreme and ailing amounts of answerability and abashment can chase if the adolescent woman does not accomplish that acumen (Killing Us Softly 3). Many bodies in America’s association accept that the media’s bent behavior is to accusation for influencing and alike bearing some of the nation’s growing problems amid teens, such as bistro disorders, added accord in animal activity, abundance rates, rape, added booze burning and biologic use. Others, however, feel that association should not accusation the media for the inappropriate behavior and that abridgement of conduct and behavior amid adolescence in today’s society, but rather accusation the parents and educators who access and adviser those teens. The majority of parents authority the media amenable for the bribery of the behavior of boyish girls. They accept that the media’s broadly unrealistic and ailing delineation of adolescent women and what they are declared to attending and behave like in adjustment to be socially accustomed and admired has accustomed and encouraged boyish girls to become ever captivated in accomplishing this declared ideal. Sadly, it has larboard abounding girls confused, in danger, or alike dead. Supporters of this position altercate that “the boilerplate accumulated media assemble sex and changeable in agency that absolute and bassinet girls’ advantageous animal development” (Durham 12). They assurance that there is added affirmation that the letters boyish girls are accepting about sex from media are adverse rather than accessible (12). Intervention began to be a growing address from the accessible audience. One abeyant resolution to this moral affair is to abide alteration and bearing television and cine ratings that are current, relevant, and able to the accepted images advance through the media. For example, a ban on commercials and advertisements that actualize women and advance animal behavior would be able to allay these bent boyhood images. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings and the TV Affectionate Guidelines (a TV ratings arrangement advised to accord parents added advice about the agreeable and age-appropriateness of TV programs) (“TV”) can be acclimated “to acquiesce parents to block out programs they do not appetite their accouchement to see, based on the ratings” (“TV”) and alternative claimed preferences. These types of sources abutment and animate media restrictions and the abetment of accouterment cleaner and added adapted television for children. Announcement a added astute and advantageous anatomy image, lifestyle, and attitude for today’s adolescent women through accessible account announcements is addition anatomy of media that advocates advantageous boyhood behavior. According to supporters of such sources, customer advancement and activity is a arch assignment in absolute this problem. People accept the adeptness to critique, analyze, challenge, and assert media messages, and additionally accept the advantage of axis off, boycotting, and disengaging from media that asperse or insult girls (Durham 227). Aloof as producers accept the appropriate to aftermath and administer these messages, the accessible admirers has the appropriate to catechism and claiming them. It is both the albatross and obligation of the American association and the government to ensure a safer, healthier, added able nation for girls to advance and abound after abrogating imagery, or apocryphal and bogus ethics actuality fed to them through media. Nonetheless, these abeyant resolutions to attached the blue acknowledgment of boyish girls in the media predictably activity up opposition. Some bodies accept that association should not accusation the media for the inappropriate behavior and abridgement of conduct and behavior amid adolescence in today’s society, but rather the parents and educators who access and adviser those teens. Also, they altercate that not all media is bad media, and accede the abstraction that adults are biased adjoin teens. They accept that those who argue their acceptance accept over abstract the media’s appulse on today’s youth, claiming that “seeing adorable models [has] become such a accustomed acquaintance that acknowledgment no best produces a acknowledgment able abundant to access self-perception or ones accepted faculty of hope” (Wagner 120). Meaning, that girls accept become desensitized to this affectionate of adumbration that does not attitude affect them as abundant as some would like to believe. After allegory and actuality afflicted by both abandon of the argument, the arch proposed band-aid to me would be to adapt the ideal angel of changeable adorableness and address advertisement by the media, again to abundantly advance and acquaint an improved, healthier, beautiful, and added astute abstraction of changeable beauty. The media’s abrogating adumbration has had an appulse on the majority of today’s adolescence and is acutely a austere problem. This appulse has adulterated the minds of adolescent growing girls with unrealistic and alarming notions of accomplishment and lifestyle, acutely abrogation parents concerned. America’s boyish bearing is behindhand moral ethics and the convenance of self-respect, faith, cocky acquaintance and the all-embracing of adolescence experiences, and rather agreeable in activities involving abandoned behavior which are artlessly not age-appropriate. Although who can accusation them, aback this blazon of behavior has become socially adequate due to the media’s aggression into America’s homes and advance of images and ethics focused alienated behavior, animal active, affectionate defiance, and adulterated adumbration of adorableness and health. The American association should booty activity as anxious citizens by delivery their opinions to association and ambitious a abatement of the objectification and sexualization of females in the media. Additionally, aback announcement agencies are not activity to anon rid themselves of the abrogating bent habits with attention to changeable adumbration in the media, continuing to aftermath and advertisement barefaced and authentic ratings on all television programs, movies and alike advertisements is an able way to acquaint parents about what their accouchement are watching and actuality afflicted by. Many adolescent girls anguish about the contours of their bodies, abnormally shape, size, and alike beef tone, because of the acceptance that the anatomy is the ultimate announcement of the cocky and adorableness (Durham 128). This affectionate of mentality can account abiding concrete and brainy accident and can advance adolescent girls to alarming limits. Communities should advance extracurricular programs that advice adolescent bodies advance self-esteem based on ancestry such as ability, talents, character, and academics, rather than artlessly concrete appearance. The charge to alter sexualized images with absolute images of females acknowledging notions alternative than concrete adorableness is vital. The ambition should be to bear letters to all adolescents, boys and girls, which advance to healthy, safe and astute development. Our government has an obligation to assure its citizens from adverse and alarming things; ultimately, these things are beneath the government’s control. The abrogating influences generated by media on adolescent girls should be taken into application and should be diminished, alike if that agency absolute the few positives. This abiding altercation is acutely a battle amid the ethics of health, safety, self-esteem, and ethical choices of boyish girls on one side, and the abutment of analytic affirmation and standpoints and the affectionate administration aspect on the other. While announcement absolute letters to adolescence through the media is the ultimate plan and ambition for acknowledging the change in images presented by the adolescent girls about adolescent girls, every band-aid can aback fire. Some may accept that attempting to transform the media is a decay of time because these corporations abaft it all will not angle calmly aback the accessible aftereffect and acumen for a abridgement of acceptable censor is accident of profits and accident of the cardinal one affairs point, sex. However, if abundant bodies booty a angle and stop affairs articles with acute and calumniating ad campaigns, about-face off the television shows announcement aerial academy acceptance accepting sex and accomplishing drugs, stop acceptance their accouchement to go see the movies that animate and accolade poor behavior amid teens, again a address will not go nnoticed. This may force those corporations amenable for the media to change this ascent arguable moral botheration and booty us one footfall afterpiece to accepting healthier, happier, growing adolescent girls, rather than confused, pressured, unsatisfied, and accessible adolescent boyish girls active accustomed of their lives engulfed by an arrangement of poor images and aggravating to alive up to a angel that is unhealthy, unsafe, unethical, or artlessly aloof doesn’t exist. Works Cited Durham, Gigi. The Lolita Effect. New York: Overlook P, The, 2008. Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Angel of Women. Dir. Sut Jhally. Perf. Jean Kilbourne. 2001. "TV Ratings. " The TV Affectionate Guidelines. 2008. 1 Nov. 2008 . Wagner, Viqi. Bistro Disorders. New York: Greenhaven P, Incorporated, 2007.

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