Circuit City was an American customer electronics aggregation founded by Samuel Wurtzel in 1949. By 1990s, Circuit City became the additional better customer electronics abundance in the United States with anniversary sales of $12 billion. On March 8 2009, Circuit City abeyance all its stores.  On January 8th at the 2018 Customer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Circuit City CEO appear a improvement and relaunch of Circuit City into “a dynamic, a social-focused e-commerce site” and a new business action for its retail stores12.In this case study, accept that Circuit City assassin you as the new arch advice administrator (CIO) to advice relaunch the aggregation into a all-around e-commerce bunch company. Create a Power Point presentation and affidavit for this project. Your Power Point Presentation absolute the IT cardinal plan that will abode Circuit City e-commerce initiatives. The afterward advice should be covered in the presentation. 1. History of Circuit City 2. What were the issues and challenges that acquired the collapse of Circuit City in 2009? Power Point Presentation requirements:  Minimum 15 slides Power Point presentation + (Cover folio and references page(s) Documentation Requirements:  Provide 8 to 12 pages affidavit APA format. Your affidavit should include  1. Introduction  2. Background / History of Circuit City  3. Organizational details  4. Issues and challenges that acquired the collapse of Circuit City in 2009 5. Possible solution(s) 6. Conclusion 7. References

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