my career ambition is correctional affairs support    During the action of accepting a new career, one of the aboriginal accomplish is to actualize a career portfolio. A career portfolio is article that you can accommodate to abeyant administration to affectation your skills, competencies, and samples of completed work. In this assignment, you will actualize a career portfolio that you can use with abeyant employers. For this assignment, you will charge to abridge an cyberbanking portfolio, appliance the Microsoft®Sway® application. The University provides you with Microsoft® Office365®, which includes the Microsoft® Sway® application. If you do not accept Microsoft® Office365® installed on your computer, download and install the software at Office 365 ProPlus & Email Support, or by afterward the instructions below: Click on PhoenixConnect. Once on the PhoenixConnect page, bang the Communities tab. In the chase box, blazon in "Office 365." Click on the Office 365 ProPlus & Email Support community. Follow the instructions at the top of the folio to "Install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus." Once installed, the software will be accessible for use. Review the advice guides and assets aural Microsoft® Office365® for added advice on how to use this application. Consider the career you called and for which you wrote goals in Week 1. Imagine you are accessible to activate the alertness action for this career by creating your career portfolio and able amusing networking profile. Consider the elements of a career portfolio discussed in Ch. 6 of Career Directions. Determine the agreeable that you would like to accommodate in your career portfolio. Create a 4- to 6-section Microsoft® Sway® portfolio. You may accept to use the portfolio arrangement in Microsoft® Sway®, or actualize a new portfolio. Accommodate at atomic 1 area for anniversary of the following: Industry-specific skills Employer-specific skills Job-specific skills Note: You may accept to actualize a academic portfolio of industry-, employer-, and job-specific abilities for your called career if you do not yet accept acquaintance accompanying to the career and/or industry. Include pictures, graphics, and videos, as appropriate, to enhance the affection of your portfolio. Play your portfolio to ensure it displays in the address you would like. Once you accept adapt and accomplished your portfolio, you are accessible to abide your final product. Follow the 2-part instructions beneath in adjustment to ensure authentic submission: Part 1: Exporting your Sway® presentation to a document: Click the adumbration (...) to the appropriate of the Share icon. Select Export from the dropdown menu. Select Word for the format. Review the certificate for accuracy. Part 2: Creating thumbnail articulation to your Sway® presentation: Click the Share figure in the top appropriate bend of Sway®. Under Share your Sway with, accept Anyone with a link. Under Invite bodies to, accept View. Click Get beheld link. Click Copy. Paste the thumbnail into the Microsoft® Word certificate of your presentation. Save the certificate for submission. Submit your certificate to the Appointment Files tab.

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