Population Health Management

After the admission of the Patient Protection and Affordable Affliction Act  of 2010, bloom affliction organizations accept been faced with cogent  challenges in accouterment affection affliction to all Americans. HealthyPeople.gov (Links to an alien site.)  also encourages bloom affliction organizations to focus on the appliance of  social determinants and bloom  status.                                                                                                                                                 Take on the role of the ambassador of a association hospital in your  area. You would like to apparatus a cardinal plan to advance the  health cachet of your community. Select a accessible citizenry in your  area afflicted by a ache or condition. Examples accommodate aging,  COVID-19, diabetes, Ebola, affection disease, opioid epidemics, Zikavirus,  and so on. Write a three- to five-page cardboard that capacity your cardinal  plan. In your paper, Describe the population, including demographics and accident factors that actuate bloom in this population. Explain the ache or action accustomed in this population. Identify admission and barriers to bloom affliction and analysis options  for this population, including local, state, and federal behavior  regulating ascendancy and blockage of your called ache or action  in this population. Propose at atomic three strategies to advance the bloom of the called population. Develop at atomic three key indicators to admeasurement the success of your proposed citizenry bloom management. Support your acknowledgment with a minimum of three bookish sources that were appear in the aftermost 5 years. Help with three to bristles double-spaced pages in length

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