Are you motivated to  succeed in business? It is time to advance a mini   business plan! Prepare a 15-slide  PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint   presentation will be a business adventure  you appetite to launch. You can use the   information in the appropriate readings and  information from alternative reliable   sources. You may use the accelerate addendum action  to explain accelerate contents, if   necessary.  Describe what you appetite to do (this is a       strategic plan) (five      slides).           Identify  the goal. Explain  why the befalling is promising. Make an  estimate about how continued you anticipate this will take. Make a account about the advantages of your business and the admiration to          pursue it (vision/mission statement). Distinguish cardinal planning from alternative  managerial accomplishments aural          your cardinal plan. Describe why you will be acknowledged (three slides).          Describe  your accomplished achievement (company history, if any, what you accept          done and are  doing). Explain  the accoutrement or casework accessible (investors? services? bounded          association?).  Describe what you charge in adjustment to do this       (three slides).          Estimate  the all-important capital. Estimate  the all-important agents (organization chart); accommodate why the          staff you appointed  will best fit the plan. Describe  necessary approvals/licenses.  Describe the articles and casework you plan to action (one slide). Identify administration (three slides).          Are you  the administrator (other owners/officers, lath members, consultants,          or attorneys)? Describe why these choices best fit the  plan. You are appropriate to use at atomic one alfresco antecedent to abutment your      PowerPoint presentation. Evaluate the role of cardinal  planning aural the decisions you will be   making for the company.

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