POM 4b

Assume that today is May 31, 2012, and Table A2.4 (in the exercise) contains the tracking advice for the activity up till now. Enter this advice into your adored baseline file, and adapt a 1-page cachet abode for the POM + project. Your cachet abode should abode the afterward questions: How is the activity advanced in agreement of amount and schedule? What activities accept gone well? What activities accept not gone well? What do the PCIB and PCIC announce in agreement of how abundant of the activity has been able to date? What is the forecasted amount at achievement (EACf)? What is the predicted VACf? Report and adapt the TCPI for the activity at this point in time. What is the estimated date of completion? How able-bodied is the activity accomplishing in agreement of its priorities? Present the aloft advice in a anatomy aces of application by top management. Include printouts of an Earned Value table and a Tracking Gantt Chart. Note: Insert May 31, 2012, as the cachet date in the Activity Advice box.

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