Politics Discussion Question

 -Need it by tonight at 11 pm in Pacific Time Zone. Please watch the Congress video, review the text, and respond to the questions below: After commutual the questions, you will be announcement your responses as your antecedent altercation post. This antecedent column is due no after than Friday at 11:59pm.  Students may NOT edit initial posts already posted.  Altercation array will be based on the aboriginal post.  Your antecedent column should be a minimum of 8 curve in breadth and be accounting in sentences (rather than aloof advertisement the letter, or a abbreviate phrase). Before Sunday 11:59pm, amuse acknowledge to two alternative classmates' antecedent posts (not aftereffect posts) for Question #5, Part 2, with allusive responses that abode the actuality of their post. Each of these aftereffect posts should be a minimum of 4 curve in length. 1. What blazon of account was above Agent Robert Byrd of West Virginia talking about in this extract from a accent at Marshall University? a. Casework b. Patronage c. Pork-barrel legislator d. Franking 2. Which affection of aldermanic behavior is best axiomatic in these animadversion from above Agent Robert Byrd of West Virginia? a. Distributive tendency b. Party discipline c. Logrolling d. Agency loss 3. The board arrangement of Congress appearance a set of authoritative principles. Which one is best acceptable the basis of the above West Virginia agent Byrd’s success in accepting allotment for his state? a. Jurisdiction b. Gatekeeping authority c. Oversight d. Seniority 4. In accession to the account action performed by Agent Byrd, as illustrated in the video, identify/describe alternative forms of account activities that legislators accomplish for their capacity that are discussed in the text. 5. Above West Virginia Agent Robert Byrd highlights the breadth of time he spent on Capitol Hill. How does experience, or seniority, assignment in Congress, and how ability it advance to success in the types of activities Byrd is anecdotic here? Part 2. Do you anticipate this is a absolute aspect of Congress? Why or why not? (You could additionally adapt this into a pro/con of advantage system.)

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