politics assignment

  Assignment Content Imagine that you've activated for an internship with your bounded Senator but there are abounding alternative bodies aggressive for the position. In adjustment to actuate the best being for the job, the Senator wants to actuate how abundant anniversary abeyant intern knows about the U.S. balloter system. Create an 18- to 20-slide presentation to allegorize your ability about the U.S. electorate, campaigns, and political parties. Your presentation charge accommodate the following: The purpose and functions of political parties in the United States The assorted means U.S. citizens can participate in the attack and acclamation process The action and purpose of caucuses and primary elections in political campaigns, decidedly in the presidential acclamation process The role the civic political affair conventions comedy in the presidential acclamation process The presidential accepted acclamation attack process, and the important factors and contest that access it The role the media (TV, radio, internet, amusing media) plays in avant-garde political campaigns The role and access of money in the avant-garde political campaign Include photos, illustrations, videos, or audio clips, as appropriate. Certificate the antecedent of anniversary media account you accommodate in your presentation. Format your appointment as an 18- to 20-slide presentation with abundant apostle addendum in a abstracted chat document. Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or agnate references to abutment your assignment. Do not use Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Questions or alternative crowdsourced websites as references. Include a advertence account in APA format. Use in-text citations in APA format. Submit your assignment. Bang on the Submit button; annal bottomward until you see "Use this amplitude to body your submission" and bang on the Add Content button; from the chat box that appears, baddest the additional amphitheater figure on the far appropriate of the card bar; from the bead bottomward card baddest admit bounded files; baddest save on the pop up box.  

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