Political action paper

1. Select a bill that is currently in the Accompaniment or Federal Legislature accompanying to nursing or bloom care.  Give your affidavit for selecting this bill including its accent to you alone and its acceptation to nursing and bloom care. 2. Describe the acceptation to nursing and bloom care. 3. Identify the bill by its title, cardinal and sponsor(s). 4. Obtain a archetype of the bill to abstraction and to accommodate with your report.  (New Jersey Bills may be acquired from NJ Aldermanic Services 1-800-792-8630 or www.njleg.state.nj.us, or through internet sites.) 5. Identify the affair amalgamation of the sponsor(s) of the bill. 6. Determine the position of nursing and/or alternative organizations apropos this bill.   (e.g., NJSNA, ANA, NANP, NAPNAP, AONE, New Jersey Medical Society) 7. Do a abstract analysis on the issue(s) accompanying to the bill. 8. Accompaniment your position on the bill.  9. Defend your position with your reasons.  Substantiate. 10. Appropriately adduce your sources of information.  Approximately 10 references from accurate sources such as peer-reviewed account accessories or government bureau belletrist should be acclimated to abutment your position on the bill. 11. Contact your aldermanic representative(s) apropos your position on this bill; e.g. by autograph letters/emails*, authoritative buzz calls, accommodating in accompanying amusing media, or affairs with the administrator or agents affiliate in his/her bounded office. 12. Identify alternative political strategies you acclimated to oppose/support bill. 13. Evaluate the capability of your lobbying efforts and strategies. 14. Write adapted letters/emails/responses of appreciation, if acknowledgment accustomed from legislator. 15. Accommodate copies of the bill, your belletrist and responses with your paper.  They should be added to the end of the cardboard like an appendix. 16. Use APA appearance manual.  17. The anatomy of the cardboard (not including appellation folio and reference) should be 6-9 pages in length, double-spaced and absorbed to the adapted amplitude in the Assignment area of Blackboard area they will be submitted to Safe Assignment to ensure that the assignment is original. 18. Please be abiding to accommodate a archetype of the bill

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