Policy Research Paper: Topic Proposal and Outline

  Topic: Businesses Aegis Policies and Implementation Issues in affiliation to Cyber Security. RESEARCH PAPER: TOPIC PROPOSAL AND OUTLINE INSTRUCTIONS The easiest access for selecting a affair for your cardboard ability be to analysis the assorted accountable areas covered in the advance readings (i.e., chase the bibliographies of the textbooks). Although the called affair charge chronicle anon to the accepted accountable breadth of this course, you are not bound to the concepts, techniques, and technologies accurately covered in this course. Each Affair Outline charge accommodate the afterward 3 items: 1. A abrupt (at atomic 3–4 bullets with 1–2 sentences per bullet) overview of the analysis capacity of your cardboard – you will charge to abode these in the absolute paper. This will be blue-blooded “Research Objectives”. 2. A account of at atomic 3 questions (in a numbered list) you intend your analysis to ask and hopefully answer. These charge be questions that will crave you to draw abstracts from your research. These charge not be questions to acknowledgment your analysis objectives. This area will be blue-blooded “Questions” 3. At atomic 3 antecedent analysis sources, 1 of which is an bookish account or alternative associate advised source. These should bout APA formatting of sources. Example formats for Affair Outlines (an example, not a template): Research Objectives • Briefly call the all-embracing abstraction of arrangement integration. • Discuss the acceptable access of big-bang affiliation including the above advantages and disadvantages of this approach. • Discuss the acceptable approaches of top-down and bottom-up affiliation and their above advantages and disadvantages. • Discuss the acceptable access of alloyed integration, accumulation the adorable advantages from the top-down and bottom-up affiliation approaches. Questions 1. Why is arrangement affiliation an important footfall in the software development process? 2. Why has big-bang affiliation not survived as a advantageous testing method? 3. Why accept top-down and bottom-up affiliation not been replaced by added avant-garde methods? 4. Why would you use alloyed affiliation all the time rather than sometimes application top-down and bottom-up affiliation exclusively? References 1. Herath, T. , & Rao, H. (2012). Encouraging advice aegis behaviors in the best organizations: Role of penalties, pressures, and abeyant effectiveness. Descision Support Systems, 47(2), 154-165. 2. Testing Computer Software, 2nd Edition, by Cem Kaner 3. Anderson, R. (2008). Aegis Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: Wiley. During your research, if any abundant changes to your objective(s) are necessary, or a affair change is required, acquaint with your adviser via email. The Policy Analysis Paper: Affair Proposal and Outline is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2. The Technology Analysis Paper: Affair Proposal and Outline is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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