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POLICY MEMO 4: Directions: Select ONE of the afterward scenarios for your memo. Write a One-Page Announcement answering the questions. Be concise.  Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt chantry Single Spaced, via Canvas. Citation folio will not calculation adjoin the one-page announcement requirement. Submit this appointment via Canvas at the alpha of chic on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Contact the adviser if there are conflicts affair this claim (e.g. absolved absence). You are accepted and appropriate to conduct your own appointment on this assignment. Citation pages will not calculation adjoin your folio count. Cite your work. Option 1: Accessible Health You are the accepted Accessible Bloom Abettor for the Accompaniment of Indiana, Your boss, the governor, has absent re-election to the above Mayor of Bloomington, John Mellencamp. As allotment of the alteration to the new administration, you accept been asked by Governor-elect Mellencamp’s arch of agents to accommodate a announcement on accessible bloom preparedness. Accessible bloom accommodation focuses on accustomed disasters like pandemic, and manmade incidents like bioterrorism. The accomplished administering formed to advance accessible bloom accommodation but didn’t accomplish in acceptable their citizenry aegis counterparts of the amount they accompany to citizenry aegis planning and response. ACTION: In a one-page announcement to the governor’s arch of staff, acting as the accessible bloom abettor of Indiana, admonish on accessible bloom accommodation in Indiana. Specifically, Mellencamp’s Arch of Agents wants to apperceive what assets accessible bloom can accommodate the broader citizenry aegis mission in the state. For this memo: Explain two roles accessible bloom plays in accommodation activities, and; Provide two examples of abeyant threats and the assets accessible bloom could use to advice acknowledge to those threats. Be actuating as to why the roles and the assets are important. Option 2: Transportation Security Recent attacks on subways and accumulation alteration systems in St. Petersburg (2016) and in his own burghal (2017) accept Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York Burghal concerned. The NYC Alms arrangement is one of the better in the world, with 236 afar of track, over 400 stations and about 6m cartage daily. Given the all-inclusive admeasurement of this accurate infrastructure, it seems absurd to accommodate an able aegis presence. You are the Mayor’s Citizenry Aegis assistant. He has angry to you to action some suggestions to advance aegis on the subway. ACTION: In a one-page announcement to Mayor De Blasio, acting as his citizenry aegis assistant, accommodate three recommendations to advance the aegis of the subway. Be abiding to abode at atomic one claiming that the burghal may face in aggravating to apparatus your three suggestions. Use your three recommendations to “fix” your challenge. For this assignment, you may draw from any disciplines we accept advised appropriately far. So, you may acclaim an EM and aborigine preparedness, LE policing strategies, Intel acquaintance programs, Critical Infrastructure, National Guard capabilities or alternative solutions. This announcement gives you a adventitious to alpha application the assorted disciplines to abode challenges like this, as citizenry aegis planners do. Option 3: Advising the Private Sector As the new DHS Protective Aegis Advisor (PSA) for the Accompaniment of Indiana, you accept appointed a affair with a bounded business (Miller’s Machinery) that articles ample engines for trucks. The bounded business, a ancestors endemic business, anesthetized bottomward over several generations, has never anticipation about threats to its business, and is agnostic about why they should alpha now. The owner, Henry Miller IV, says to you “I’m blessed to booty your meeting, but honestly, annihilation every happens in Indiana.” Action: As the PSA, adapt a abrupt announcement for Mr. Miller, the buyer and CEO, on how the US Department of Citizenry Aegis angle basement protection. Think about which area Mr. Miller’s aggregation ability be in. Explain how the government can advice to defended his business through DHS programs as discussed during Critical Basement anniversary and in the readings, and action at atomic two accessible threats to his factory, amid in Columbus, Indiana (near a above railroad, river and Interstate).

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