Policy making in Data Privacy and Security with technology advancements.

    Growing apropos on Abstracts Aloofness and Aegis with technology advancements.      Some of the challenges appear because of the abstracts deployments beyond altered processing accessories like IoT admission the vulnerability of Abstracts breaching. The claiming in billow accretion is to ensure the aegis of the accumulator and admission to this abstracts to assure its integrity, confidentiality, and actuality while announcement availability after residing on bounded servers (Tari, 2014). This cardboard discusses several case studies on the challenges and how the policymaking about abstracts aloofness and aegis is important for stakeholders.  Are these huge initiatives and analysis admonition in big data, IoT and billow accretion accept complete behavior to assure the confidentiality, aloofness and abstracts security?  I'm announcement my advertence IEEE cardboard actuality and i charge the end aftereffect agnate to like that but not that solution. 1500 words atleast. Also acquisition agnate resources.   https://www.ojphi.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/8166/7211 s

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