Policy Analysis, Recommendation & Rebuttal DUE DEC. 7

Social workers are generally on the accepting end of action analysis. It is basic to your success in this chic to accept a added and added nuanced compassionate of how action is developed and to this end you will absorb the aggregate of your appointment time developing a blunt but anxious action analysis. You will advance a 7-10 folio Action Account for presentation at the National Association of Amusing Workers Delegate Assembly. This action account will call a accepted botheration that the amusing assignment profession should abode through its action advocacy. This action account will abide of bristles sections: Botheration Overview, Historical Analysis, Social, Economic & Political Analysis, Action Recommendations, and a Rebuttal for Opponents The affair should be apropos a amusing affair (LGBT rights, bullwork in Libya, poverty). Any accepted action issue. http://stokeslib.princeton.edu/writingelements.htm  MUST BE APA!!!!! WITH 5 HEADINGS MUST BE APA!!!!!  MUST BE APA!!!!!  MUST BE APA!!!!!

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