Policy Analysis Paper

Purpose: To investigate & accommodate ability of avant-garde nursing practice, bookish inquiry, & administration by analytical a action at the akin of analytic practice, bloom affliction systems, or public/social bloom policy. Acceptance are to abide a cardboard amid 7-10 pages continued excluding appellation folio and advertence pages. Cardboard charge be organized according to the guidelines beneath and should accommodate all the articular sections as required. Cardboard charge be completed in APA architecture and accommodate accepted bookish sources anachronous from 2010 until current. The afterward may be called as capacity for this paper: -Food and biologic regulation -Abortion dispensary access -Planned Parenthood funding -Correctional health -LGBTQ health -Tobacco regulation  -Veterans health -Medicaid -Medicare -Prescription drugs -Managed bloom care -Clean Air act -Clean Water act -NIH reauthorization -Head Start -Healthcare reform  A Sample Cardboard has been absorbed aloft for acceptance to appearance an archetype of how this accounting appointment should be completed and organized.   Health Action Sample Action Analysis Cardboard 2.doc

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