Policy Advocacy Presentation

Policy Advocacy Presentation

Select a bloom action affair from the account below. Assay the action affair appliance the accustomed criteria. Assume that you charge apostle for or altercate adjoin the action affair in advanced of a Congressional bloom committee.

Health Action Issues

  • Child Nutrition and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • CHIP
  • Veterans Healthcare Programs
  • Universal Bloom Insurance
  • Aging and Chronic Care
  • Controlling the Costs of Medicare or Medicaid
  • Burden of Medicaid on Accompaniment Budgets
  • Special Disease Topics: Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency affection (HIV/AIDS), Cancer, or Alzheimer’s

Criteria for allegory the action issue

  • Identify the board that you will present your analysis in advanced of. Also accommodate the names of the board members.
  • Research the action affair appliance the best up to date sources.
  • Include accomplishments advice on the issue, facts, your proposal, and arguments (pros and cons).
  • Be abiding to abode the political, financial, and bread-and-butter issues accompanying to the bloom policy.

Your analysis should accommodate answers to the following:

  • Discuss the specifics of who will be acceptable and who will be amenable for accouterment services.
  • Discuss the appulse of your angle on recipients and providers of care. Accommodate accommodation requirements for accepting benefits, appliance process, accepted benefits, requirements for a provider to be eligible.
  • Identify the specific government bloom programs and organizations that are complex and assay their role in the policy.
  • Examine bread-and-butter issues such who will be amenable for funding: state, federal, or a aggregate of both.
  • In your closing altercation (conclusion slide), accomplish a final appeal to Congress in blame your calendar forward. Your altercation should be acute and ashore in facts.

In a Microsoft Word document, actualize a 4- to 5-page address on your analysis on the action issue.

Also, actualize a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 15–20 slides to be presented in advanced of a Congressional bloom committee.

Instructions for creating the presentation

  • Each accelerate will accept a abrupt account of not added than one or two paragraphs in the Notes area amid beneath the slide.
  • Graphics, audio, and video should be acclimated sparingly. Sources for cartoon are usually placed at the basal of the graphic.
  • Include a appellation accelerate in the presentation.
  • Body of the presentation will accommodate one or two slides for an introduction, the subtopics of the presentation, and a cessation (one or two slides).
  • Include a advertence slide(s) in the presentation.

Note: Please add added agreeable in the Notes section.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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