Policy Advocacy Essay

Policy Advocacy Essay   Topic:Inclusion  of bodies  with disabilities in systemsystems of amusing protection.  Create an activity plan that could be acclimated to apostle for a activity you support.   This does not accept to be realistic, or achievable, aloof article that makes analytic faculty in your arrangement of developing a plan to apostle for your proposed activity In your paper, briefly call the policy, analyze the claims you would use in advocating for the policy, call the accessible allies you could access in coalition-building (client populations, community-based groups, able associations, etc.), call your media plan, and call your plan for abutting legislators (who would you access and how would you access them).  For guidance, see the Quick Guide 5 “Sample Activity Plan” provided on pages 292 to 300 in Chapter 6 of the Chapin argument and accredit to chic assets and information.   For this assignment, you do NOT charge to anguish about APA format.  Please set up your activity plan application the architecture as printed in your text.  (Hint, I acclaim you actualize a table in Microsoft word, and aggrandize from there).  Please use the EXACT architecture from your text, your activity plan will be graded on content, afterward the exact architecture as listed, as able-bodied as grammar and typo errors.   (YES FOLLOW the architecture exactly….MONTHS, sub-headings, agreeable etc.). Your cardboard should attending article like this: Introduction/Narrative: Action plan application architecture from the text: Conclusion/what do you anticipate will happen/Narrative:

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