Polaris Human Trafficking Organisation

Polaris is NGO whose body adage is to stop animal trafficking and slavery. The alignment helps those who are victims of animal trafficking and accommodate them acknowledged help. Polaris is additionally one of the anti-trafficking alignment in the affiliated states. Headquarters of Polaris is in Washington, DC; and additionally operates from Newark, New Jersey. They additionally ascendancy the National Animal Trafficking Resource Centre (NHTRC) which is the countries hotline for animal trafficking. Polaris additionally allows it abstracts to be acclimated by alternative NGO’s such as All-embracing Amends Mission & Truckers adjoin Trafficking.

Polaris hase taken few accomplish and has some initiatives to advice the victims of Animal & Sex trafficking:

  • Global Safety Net

Polaris collaborates with bound armament of countries to anticipate actionable and cantankerous bound development in animal trafficking

  • Temporary Visas

Polaris helps the victims of animal trafficking attain acting acceptance to advice them biking to their home country safely.

  • Hotels

Polaris engages in the auberge industry and identifies the animal trafficking activities in the auberge industries. According to Polaris auberge are best accepted venues for sex trafficking.

Polaris supports about all the laws that advice get amends to the victims of animal trafficking. They accept a specific set of priorities apropos their policies:

  • Run away and Abandoned Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act.

This act focusses in anticipate the abomination afore if happens. They accomplish abiding that the government booty all accessible footfall and accommodate basal aliment to abandoned youth

  • Supply Alternation Transparency.

The Business Accumulation Alternation Accuracy on Trafficking and Bullwork Act of 2015 (H.R. 3226 and S.1968) makes abiding that all the business accept a accuracy in their accumulation alternation and the decisions they accomplish for their action force in the accumulation chain.

  • Prioritizing the cardinal action plan.

Polaris ensure that the victims of animal trafficking are accustomed amends on time and additionally makes abiding that all the agencies are alive calm effectively.

Polaris is additionally partnered with The Alliance to End Bullwork and Trafficking (ATEST) which a US based accord of 14 NGO’s that fights adjoin animal trafficking and sex trafficking and accommodate amends to the victims.

Polaris is a NGO who is focused alone in acceptable and proving amends to the bodies who are the victim of Animal Trafficking, so they booty the advice of every aftermost law to accommodate the justice. There is no law they argue as there is no law that allows or supports crimes like animal trafficking, so there’s no such law (according to my research) that Polaris should appose.

NGO’s such as Polaris who fights animal trafficking may appulse business a lot, businessmen allow in animal trafficking to lower their agent amount and access their profits. In some case victims of animal trafficking are not paid at all. So NGO’s like Polaris would not alone stop trafficking but additionally advice the victims to get amends and abuse the guilty, which inturn would affect the business scenario. Though, the affect would not be acceptable for the business but it would, absolutely be acceptable according the Natural Law (humanity).

Human trafficking is a actual austere affair in today apple as it no continued acknowledged but is still accomplished in some genitalia of the country. Polaris forth with the federal government accomplish abiding that all the aspect of animal cartage is covered by creating new law after abrogation any bend holes. Polaris in it’s web armpit mentioned “Polaris works to ensure that the U.S. government prioritizes efforts to eradicate all forms of animal trafficking and assure victims of this abomination at home and abroad. We body government abutment for able practices in our field, including anti-trafficking hotlines, the development of abstracts standards and data-sharing, and aegis behavior for victims and accessible populations.” to which Polaris is actual abundant dedicated.

To do so Polaris has helped actualize laws chronicle o trafficking with are actual melancholia in tacking the affair in the Affiliated States. Cartage victim’s aegis reauthorization act 2003, 2005, 2008 & 2013 is a law to which has Polaris contributed. Another aldermanic law to which Polaris afflicted is the safe anchorage law, which provides aegis to accouchement who breadth victim of adolescent labor, animal trafficking of accouchement and sex trafficking. Polaris does what it takes to access the aldermanic action (the acumen it is one of the bigger animal trafficking NGO in U.S.) and advice clean animal trafficking and crimes accompanying to it already and for all. Polaris additionally mentioned on its website that “Our accessible action focus drives acknowledged and authoritative changes that accredit the Affiliated States and all-embracing governments to bigger assure victim populations, abate artisan vulnerability, access abutment to survivors and access animal trafficking investigations.”

According to Polaris; South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and few states in the east U.S. abridgement few aspect in angry animal trafficking (2013), either due to aerial action in trafficking or laws acknowledging trafficking. Their aim is to advice abate these statistics in the abutting 3 year. But Polaris’s aim is to charge complete the assignment in beneath than 3 years as they accept that the added time it takes the added bodies ache and Polaris will abide abutment the victims whenever they charge them.

Mind map:

Polaris helps animal trafficking victims to biking to their country cautiously buy allowance get acting visas. To do so, Polaris charge become an agent amid the all-embracing laws of the alternative country and the American federal law. Polaris has to chase assertive all-embracing laws in adjustment to accelerate the victims to their home country.


Polaris. (2016, March 1). Action priorities. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from Polaris Project, https://polarisproject.org/policy-priorities

Polaris. (2016, February 23). Action & legislation. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from https://polarisproject.org/policy-legislation

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