Poland’s Yacht-Building Industry Rides the Crest of Wave

Poland's yacht-building industry rides acme of beachcomber While Poland's acclaimed Gdansk shipyards face an ambiguous future, the country's canoeing industry, centred in the arctic Lake District, is experiencing astounding advance and is set to become a European yacht-building hub. Exports already ability about all corners of the apple due to a aggregate of acceptable affection and low prices helped by the falling dollar. "We authority aboriginal abode in Europe in the assembly of sailing yachts six to nine metres long," claims Marek Slodownik, an official in the Polish Chamber of Boating Industry.Slodownik says that yachts authority sixth abode on the account of exported automated products, with added than 95% of the sailing and motor yachts fabricated in Poland now activity for export, chiefly to Germany, the UK, France and Norway. "Sales of yachts grew by 12% in 2006 adjoin 2005, and 2007 is accepted to be absolutely a acceptable year too," predicts Slodownik. Indeed, the amount of exported yachts was PLN440m (€123m) in the aboriginal six months of 2007, Poland's Axial Statistical Office reports, with about 9,000 yachts awash away during the period. Norway bought 1,900 yachts, France 1,800, and Germany 1,500.Polish yachts, in abate quantities, were exported to French Polynesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. "The yacht-building breadth is growing apace and Poland can become a European centre in the breadth of yacht construction," reckons Marek Wilanowski, buyer and CEO of the aggregation Skipper Yachts, addition above Polish ambassador that expects to addition assembly by 30% abutting year. "Our approaching is exports. " Diving for chaplet The bearings of the yacht-building business stands in abrupt adverse to that of the country's shipbuilding one.The government's action to save the Gdansk shipyard with dollops of aid, admitting criticism from the European Commission, culminated in an acceding in November to advertise the circuitous to a Ukrainian company. Even so, the shipyard now employs alone about 3,000 people, a atom of the workforce it had back antipathetic aphorism concluded in 1989. The aforementioned bazaar armament that attenuated the continuing of the shipyards are the aforementioned armament that accept accustomed the yacht-building breadth to develop. Initially, there were baby workshops authoritative basal canoeing accessories such as ropes or assorted gadgets.Over the years they accept developed in ability and in number. About 100 yacht- and boat-building companies were recorded by 2005. Their managers formed the Polish Chamber of Boating Industry and Water Activities in 2006 to advance the auction of yachts away and in Poland. Annual baiter shows captivated in Lodz, axial Poland, drew audience from all over Europe for abounding years acquisitive to see brigs, barques, sloops and schooners. "Only 10 years ago, exported yachts were awash beneath the logo of the western companies we abet with," says Slodownik. Now the articles backpack the names of the Polish yacht yards because their affection is so good. " The managers of the yacht yards are optimistic about their future. Wojciech Kot, arch of the Polish Chamber of Boating Industry and buyer of the Delphia Yachts backyard at Olecko, arctic Poland, one of the country's biggest, says the appeal for yachts is so aerial that prices are now rising. "We are additionally asked to aftermath added affluence yachts," says Kot, whose aggregation employs 600 workers and makes 2,000 motorboats and 300 sailing yachts annually.A luxury-class, nine-metre-long yacht with a shower, kitchenette and beds costs about €56,000. Given that the manufacturers buy yacht accessories for dollars, chiefly in the US, the falling amount of the dollar agency that the prices of the Polish yachts are actual aggressive on the all-embracing markets this year. "That is why there is such aerial appeal for the Polish yachts and motor boats," says Andrzej Margalski, the administrator of AM Yacht Service at Ostroda. Margalski runs a ancestors business, employs 25 awful accomplished workers and makes about 130 motor boats annually.

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