Poem of William Caslos William

POEM (WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS) William Carlos Williams is a avant-garde who creates a accomplished new branch in American poetry. He is admired as an important and affecting artist because of his different and usually apparent style. The composition “Poem” is one of the best arresting balladry absorption Williams’ appearance of writing. In this allotment of work, Williams discusses a axial adverse amid the bloodshed of activity and aeon of art through the angel of two roses - in attributes and in poetry. It can be said that activity is adumbrated by the rose, the axial angel and additionally the capital affair of “Poem”. The absolute rose and aerial one are cautiously acclimated to represent two factors: the absoluteness and the art. In nature, a rose which cannot abstain the aeon of time undergoes stages of attributes rules. First, it germinates from a seed. Then, it grows up and blooms or blossoms. Next, it fades or discolored. Finally, it dies. “The rose fades - And is renewed afresh - By its berry naturally” (Williams, 1983). The affair of the rose crumbling appearance that life, no amount what forms, follows the attributes alteration aphorism and eventually fades away. Meanwhile, Williams uses the angel of the rose in composition to account the art because the absolute rose will achromatize artlessly but the rose of art keeps an ever-lasting beauty: “Save in the composition – shall it go – to ache no abatement – of its splendor” (Williams, 1983). Generally, the accomplished composition presents the axial adverse of attributes against art, afterlife against activity and aeon of time against accomplishment that lasts forever. With account to the accent angel of the rose in poetry, it can not be blow but lives always and charcoal perfect, fresh, young, and admirable behindhand of time. It has the empowerment of splendor, perfection, and immortality. In fact, Williams’ ambition afterwards his words of praising the ability of the rose in composition is to apostle the ability of art in general. It seems that the artist gives bulge to art whose role is to affect and adviser bodies through curves of activity acknowledgment to its adorableness and acceptation of teaching truth, giving adorableness and pleasure, abstraction moral characters, assuming ability of accent and assuming animal experience.

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