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   1. You are to address cardboard answer how you use abstract in your activity as a student. This cardboard charge be one (1) folio in length--which agency you charge accommodate an introduction, body, and a conclusion. 2. You are to accommodate a well-developed one (1) folio Literary Analysis on the composition listed below. In accomplishing so, you are appropriate to accommodate an Introduction, Body, and Cessation or Summary. Added so--you are appropriate to accommodate in-text commendation and one or added bookish sources from the Academic Onefile Database, as able-bodied as actualize a Assignment Cited. **************************************************************************************************** Southern Mansion by Arna Bontemps Poplars are continuing there still as death And ghosts of asleep men Meet their ladies walking Two by two below the shade And continuing on the marble steps.   There is a complete of music echoing Through the accessible door And in the acreage there is Another complete tinkling in the cotton: Chains of bondmen boring on the ground.   The years go aback with an adamant clank, A duke is on the gate, A dry blade agitation on the wall. Ghosts are walking. They accept burst roses down And poplars angle there still as death. Special Note: All assignment will be arrested by the College's Academic Plagiarism System; therefore, you charge to abide your own work. If you Learning Task has 10% or added of assignment that is not cited--then the account of aught [ 0 ] will be earned.

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