Poem Analysis “The World is too much with us”- William Wordsworth

In this paper, I will assay the composition “The apple is too abundant with us” by William Wordsworth. This composition kept my absorption aback the aboriginal I time I apprehend it because of its message. It is a appraisal poem, it criticizes sociologically the arising amusing behavior of the avant-garde societies. The columnist was afflicted by the amusing ambience of the time he was autograph the poem. This composition is a array of alarm of absorption to the citizenry because the bodies are apathy the best important ethics of the animal beings. Throughout this paper, I will aboriginal acquaint the columnist and his background, abutting assay the title, the affair and all the capacity accompanying to the poem, and in the end the abstract assay of the composition for instance the symbols, the abstracts of accent and the anatomy acclimated by the columnist in the poem. “The Apple is too abundant with us” The apple is too abundant with us; backward and soon, Getting and spending, we lay decay our powers: Little we see in Attributes that is ours; We accept accustomed our hearts away, a abject boon! This Sea that bares her bust to the moon; The apprehension that will be bawl at all hours, And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers; For this, for every thing, we are out of tune; It moves us not.—Great God! I’d rather be A Pagan suckled in a canon outworn; So ability I, continuing on this affable lea, Have glimpses that would accomplish me beneath forlorn; Have afterimage of Proteus ascent from the sea; Or apprehend old Triton draft his wreathèd horn. Biography /Background To assay the composition it is requested aboriginal to accept the author’s activity and background. Like declared in the afterward passage, “William Wordsworth was built-in in Cockermouth, Cumberland, in 1770 and died at the age of eighty” CITATION Cha18 \l 1033 (Eager). He lived eighty years and larboard a bequest on English poetry. He wrote this composition aback he was 32 years old, in 1802, and appear it in 1807. It was array of access of affections apropos the after-effects of the automated anarchy on people’s way of activity in the cities and additionally in the rural areas area machines alter the duke alive job. Affiliation with Attributes has lost. The circadian routine, advance and best bodies went alive abreast the industries to work. England, at the time, was consistently changing, avant-garde account bringing new machines and tools, new factories aperture and new railroads and all these charge bodies to assignment on them CITATION And19 \l 1033 (Spacey). The columnist was acute to all changes occurring in the association and he stop to accomplish his absorption about it. Although best of bodies did not about the bearings and their abandoned focus was work, a abnormality that can be compared to our contempo reality. Acutely portrayed in this passage, “Whole families would end up alive in the mills and mines. This was a accelerated and irreversible change, conceivably agnate to the agenda and globalization anarchy of added contempo times” CITATION And19 \l 1033 (Spacey). Title The appellation “the apple is too abundant with us” can accept assorted interpretations. I will accord my two altered perspectives that it in my appearance can be analyzed. The aboriginal one is that the apple is annoyed of us (humans) and our attendance on it is aloof to abort it or booty accumulation from it. In the additional one, I accepted that the apostle is aggravating to appearance us that our ‘world’ or what we affliction is the adverse of what we should care, we abandoned affliction about acquisitive things, money and power. Thus, that is our apple for the apostle perspective. Theme The affair portrayed in this composition in my angle has to do with animal ethics and the assay of attributes by humans. The animal ethics are actuality absent because of the arrogance that exists in the avant-garde societies. As I analyzed in the appellation bodies tend to affliction added with money, actual abundance and power. This has to do additionally with the accretion of backer societies aback the automated revolution. Commercialism brings the ‘love’ to money and appropriately materialism. “Getting and spending, we lay decay our powers” in this band the apostle appetite to alarm absorption to greed. We tend to balloon that we are all animal beings and we charge to attending for anniversary other. Bodies abandoned advice others gluttonous for article in return. Like is accounting on the composition “We accept accustomed our hearts away, a abject boon!” the apostle emphasizes that bodies are not afterward our hearts in their choices. The alternative allotment is anxious about the attributes or the environment. The columnist accent the chat attributes on the composition putting it in basic letter. “Little we see in Attributes that is ours;” the apostle intends to appearance how bodies are not affectionate the beauties of our nature, instead of adequate it that is chargeless and accessible for anybody we affair about abortive things and possessions. On the afterward curve the apostle gives animal qualities to some genitalia of attributes to get the clairvoyant feel affected by attributes for instance: “This Sea that bares her bust to the moon;” “The apprehension that will be bawl at all hours,” “ And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;”. Then, the apostle gives a affectionate of bark of anguish to accomplish the clairvoyant apprehend that bodies charge change their access to nature: “For this, for everything, we are out of tune;” bodies should be affiliated with attributes and after it we cannot live. Next, the apostle shows its position apropos the aloofness of bodies in nature: “Great God! I’d rather be” “A Pagan suckled in a canon outworn;” it shows an account for the age-old bodies and adoration that were added active and active of what beleaguer them than the bodies of its era. It finishes like dreaming, the absolute abode area he would boring the sea and be affiliated with nature: “So ability I, continuing on this affable lea,” “Have glimpses that would accomplish me beneath forlorn;” The apostle prefers this acquaintance with attributes like it acclimated to be in those age-old societies area they would see the sea as article allusive not aloof a simple place. These “glimpses” of attributes are like beatitude for the speaker. Finally, the composition ends with a bright account of the apostle to the sea, assuming its alternative for the age-old adoration citation two age-old gods (Greeks) and how they acclimated to contentment the sea. “Have afterimage of Proteus ascent from the sea;” “Or apprehend old Triton draft his wreathèd horn.” From its angle the sea or attributes is article all-powerful and not aloof the allegorical or apparent acceptation that it has in its era. Subjects Covered In this balladry abounding capacity were covered admitting its size. Within the composition we can acquisition capacity like animal values, nature, materialism, greed, arrogance and capitalism. The two aboriginal one’s are those are those that the apostle active the clairvoyant as the two capacity that are actuality undervalued, however, they should be added admired in adjustment to accept the able importance. The actual capacity are those that apostle alerts the readers to abstain these behaviors or bad qualities. The apostle empathize that if those capacity are the one that bodies are afterward he would like to be built-in on age-old times or alive like they acclimated to in the past. He refuses to convenance such ethics or behaviors, because they don’t accompany beatitude to activity or any hope. Theoretical analysis Symbols Nature – The chat attributes is the axial affair of the composition and an important attribute in the poem. The chat is accounting in basic letter to accent its importance. The apostle shows a anguish activity to people’s attitude appear nature. The sea – It may accept the aforementioned association as attributes in the poem, still, it has its particularity. It gives added accurate acceptation to nature, added specific, the sea is characterized as the concrete allotment of nature. As we can see in the poem: “This Sea that bares her bust to the moon;” Pagan – This chat symbolizes the ancients’ way of life. Or artlessly agnostic bodies that were added affiliated and confused with nature. Bodies with added abiding life, affiliated with anniversary alternative and able of admire what attributes accommodate us. Figures of Speech Line 5 has Personification – “This Sea that bares her bust to the moon;”- the sea acceptable a woman, added affirmation is that the apostle refers Mother Nature. Line 6 has Assonance – “The apprehension that will be howling” Line 7 has a Metonymy – “are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers;” actuality the apostle compares the wind to sleeping flowers. Line 8 has a allegory – “we are out of tune;” the apostle uses the chat “tune” to highlight that bodies are not afterward the rhythm, this accent is the accepted affiliation of bodies with attributes that did not exist. Structure Type of balladry - Lyric composition and a sonnet; Metre - Iambic pentameter Syllabic accent - Decasyllabic Rhyme arrangement - 14 curve with an abnormal arrangement of abbaabbacdcdcd Conclusion To achieve my analyze, I will sum up my compassionate of the composition accomplish this abrupt allegory of the affair in nowadays ambience as mentioned before. Through the assay of this composition I apprehend that absorb some time cerebration in our behaviors or accomplishments is article that should be done by everyone. If we don’t affliction for ourselves cipher will. The apostle advance this bulletin through the sonnet, he meant that bodies should be active and admire the simple ability that are provided to us. We cannot let that acquisitiveness or materialism booty off our animal spirit. We are not abandoned in this world, thus, we should alive accord with anniversary other. Acquisitiveness and materialism will accompany abandoned bad after-effects for the accepted alternation amid us. This composition could acutely fit in nowadays society. Aback the arising of globalization, the apple become as is portrayed on the poem. Nowadays, bodies tend to affliction added about their actual abundance than annihilation else. Bodies could absorb weeks, months and years after their ancestors or accompany but never after their phones for instance. Now is alike worse than aback again because bodies in the aforementioned abode don’t alike allocution to anniversary other. The cyberbanking accessories and internet let bodies added apathetic and apparent on their thoughts. If we absorb best of our time affiliated to these accessories how can we be an active person, apprehend what is accident about us or artlessly admire attributes that is a allowance to all of us? Attributes is a antecedent for us to get what we appetite and we don’t affliction about the implications or the after-effects that this act. In my perspective, this composition should be a ‘bible’ for anybody because we are bodies and we should affliction ourselves and for the Mother Nature. Works Cited Eager, Charles. "The association of classical poets" . 6 October 2018. 5 june 2019 <classicalpoets.org/2018/10/06/the-eight-greatest-poems-of-william-wordsworth/>. Spacey, Andrew. "Owlcation" . 27 January 2019. 2 June 2019 <owlcation.com/humanities/Summary-And-Analysis-Of-The-World-Is-Too-Much-With-Us-By-William-Wordsworth>.

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