The purpose of this appointment is to aces a affair for your analysis project.  Your Analysis Activity will be a presentation on some aspect of the surveillance state.  Do a bristles antecedent annotated bibliography/reference account on the subject. There should be two annotations for anniversary source. In the aboriginal address a branch of at atomic bristles sentences summarizing the apriorism of the article. In the additional address a branch of at least bristles sentences summarizing your reflections on the apriorism of the article. You should do a abysmal dive into a topic. Do not do a survey. Make use of bookish references such as you can acquisition in the Danforth LIbrary analysis databases  Use at atomic bristles sources. Copying after allegation or the use of spinbot or alternative chat barter software will aftereffect in a brand of 0.  Write in article architecture not in bulleted, numbered or alternative account format.    Short extract on the Surveillance State Attached Files:  Zuboff.pdf Zuboff.pdf - Alternative Formats (2.159 MB) View this afore embarking on your Activity Research

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