please watch the video Ben Goldacre Battling Bad Science and read the article Freedman 2010 Lies Damned lies and medical science.dox

  Discussion Instructions: Apprehend an commodity and watch a presentation to bigger accept alarmingly cerebration as a academic and the ethical challenges associated with research.  When accomplishing so, acceptance should accede the assay accessories they apprehend in this chic and the Abstract Review cardboard they wrote. 1. Apprehend the afterward article: Freedman 2010 lies accursed lies and medical science.docx  2. Watch the afterward video: 3. Summarize and amalgamate the advice addressed in the Freedman (2010) commodity and the Goldacre (2011) video presentation.4. Alarmingly assay the assay abstract activated to the Week 7 paper: what advice could accept been withheld from the abstract to abutment the claims of the authors (cite specific examples)? what advice is still bare to added abutment or abnegate your Week 7 Abstract Review affair (provide specific examples)? 5. How can advice from the Freedman (2010) commodity and the Goldacre (2011) video presentation advice you (the student) alarmingly assay your Week 7 Abstract Review paper? Based on your analytical assay of the research, what are some potentially ambiguous comments and/or claims you provided as a apprentice (quote your own comments if needed)?  Keep in apperception the ambition of this catechism is not punitive, but rather this catechism is advised to advice acceptance apprentice how to reflect on their own appointment and advance approaching affidavit and research. References Freedman, D. H. (2010, November). Lies, accursed lies, and medical science. The Atlantic. Retrieved from Goldacre, B. (2011, July). Battling bad science [Video file]. Retrieved from as consistently for every altercation and assignment, acceptance charge appropriately adduce assets in-text and in a "References" list.Reply Adduce Email AuthorSelect: All None Message Actions 

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