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English 101 Article One Assignment Details Page requirement: 5 pages-- 12 point font, Times New Roman -- bifold spaced. Essays that are not a abounding bristles pages (not including the Works Cited page) may not be acceptable for grading). Audience: Imagine you are autograph to alternative academy acceptance or professors. Do not accept your readers apperceive the texts you are discussing. Thinking: E. B White and Eudora Welty both address about the transformative attributes of abode in their essays blue-blooded "Once More to the Lake" and "The Little Store." They appraise how a abode can change us alike admitting at aboriginal that abode may aloof assume as admitting it is artlessly a accomplishments to our life. In alternative words, while we may anticipate a abode pays a accessory role in our lives, aback we attending back, that abode may in actuality comedy a above role in abstraction who we are. For example, White writes, " this was the background, and the activity forth the shore." After in the story, White realizes that, in part, the basin was life. As a child,Welty sees the little abundance as a destination, a place, but after realizes that the abundance accomplished her the "facts of life, or death" (159). In fact, both writers appear to an epiphany (realization) about the abode they call by the end of their story. Anticipate about alternative means these belief are both agnate and different. Notice that I use the present close aback autograph about the stories; you should use the present close in your essay. Since White’s argument is in a Chat file, you do not charge to accommodate folio numbers aback you adduce his text, but you should chase all the alternative rules according to MLA guidelines. I accommodate the commendation advice for your Works Cited folio on the top of White’s handout. Writing: Write a 5 folio article that analyzes the similarities and differences in " Once More to the Lake" and "The Little Store." The chat assay is acutely important here. Do not adduce the belief or artlessly abridge them. Assay the similarities and the differences. You ability accede the afterward questions to advice accomplish some cerebration about the similarities and differences. You do not charge to acknowledgment all of these questions; they are advised to advice admit your assay and can be acclimated as a jumping off point. Does traveling or acclaim ourselves in abode advance White and/or Welty to a bigger compassionate of place? How do White and Welty’s perspectives of abode change throughout their lives? In what means are these authors authentic by place? How do the authors’ autograph styles differ? How are they similar? How does anniversary address actualize a faculty of place? How do the authors alloy the old and the new? The accomplished and the present? The adolescent and developed view? How do the epiphanies or realizations at the end of the texts compare? What aftereffect does revisiting this abode accept on anniversary writer? What stands out about what anniversary columnist remembers? Note: You should adduce from the texts to prove your thesis. See your autograph manual for citation instructions. Aback you use quotes, be abiding to assay them fully. Do not use the aboriginal being or "I" articulation in this essay. Please accommodate a Works Cited page. Story #1 link Story #2 link

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