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Your assay cardboard proposal.  You will be autograph a 1500 word (5 page) research/position cardboard in which you booty and avert a position - an economic position. You may additionally opt to brighten an breadth of abstraction accordant to the acreage of economics. In either case, you charge booty and avert a position with bright affirmation and complete altercation - as always, apprehensible to the able non-economist.  (And by "economics," I do not beggarly "accounting" or abandoned "statistics based." Unclear of the difference? Look actuality  (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.for a start.) REMEMBER I am NOT allurement for a "report."  You are demography a position - that agency there affliction to be some altercation - and abetment it up with affirmation and analysis.  Not artlessly advertisement what some alternative economist says.  This will crave that you do some attractive about in wide open territory: an befalling to focus your absorption on article about which you care.  And remember, you charge to find and use bread-and-butter data.  This assignment: (1) a abrupt FORMAL account of accomplishments and the apriorism you will support.  This will crave a bit of context, and the position you will take.  State your thesis, accommodate ambience and history/background for your thesis, and accommodate the capital arguments you will use to abutment your claim. Try  (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.(1 to 2 paragraphs for your thesis)  Check out the added abettor in your Files Tab for added on how to assemble a thesis. Student: "But I am researching something.  I will apprentice new things. What if my position - my apriorism - changes over the advance of my search?"   Teacher: "That is music to my ears!  Yes indeed, your point of appearance may change.  You may be alike added assertive of the account you had back you began, or you may adjudge that you accept been mistaken!" (2) In accession you charge accommodate three annotated sources, anniversary with a abrupt paragraph-long comment that explains (a) what the antecedent has to say, and (b) how you see it accidental to your work?  Need a refresher on annotated bibliographies?  Remember, annotated bibliographies crave added than citations alone. At atomic one of which charge be from an economics/business account or alternative economics/business bookish publication. The alternative two sources may be scholarly, or be from added accepted media or a statistical/numerical abstracts source. But be careful: The actuality that your antecedent is not from an academically reliable antecedent DOES NOT beggarly ANY source.  You MUST try to be abiding that the antecedent is RELIABLE. Each access in your annotated bibliography will be a single-spaced branch summarizing the antecedent certificate and how it relates to your argument.What is the antecedent about, and how do you see it accidental in your research?  The architecture of anniversary access in your annotated bibliography: The bibliographic information: The conduct of Economics seems to favor Chicago Appearance for citations, but you are acceptable to accept addition frequently acclimated appearance if you prefer. The annotations: A single-spaced branch summarizing your antecedent certificate and how it relates to the apriorism of your paper. Use double-spacing for the affair angle paragraph(s) and single-spacing for the paragraphs in the annotated bibliography. Together, the angle and annotated bibliography should absolute 1-2 pages in length.

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