Purpose of Assignment  For this assignment, the Learning Aggregation will analyze two accessible solutions articular from Week 3. During this discussion, accede the methods acclimated to anticipate of artistic solutions. Describe how analytical cerebration was acclimated in the accumulation altercation to analyze these solutions, and explain how the aggregation overcame barriers. The appointment should authenticate how the aggregation acclimated the four key factors with their business decision.  Assignment Steps  Select two abeyant artistic solutions for the botheration you articular in Week 3.  Create a 700-word altercation of abeyant solutions and the team's controlling process.  Identify two abeyant solutions. Summarize the methods the aggregation acclimated to advance artistic      solutions. Describe means the aggregation overcame barriers to adroitness      to analyze solutions. Discuss how analytical cerebration was activated to appear up      with abeyant solutions and to actuate change. Explain how the aggregation acclimated the four key factors to accomplish      the appropriate business decisions.  Cite a minimum of two sources.  Format the appointment constant with APA guidelines.  WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT- USE WHAT WAS WROTE BELOW AS TEMPLATE TO SELECT TWO POTENTIAL CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR SOME PROBLEMS IN THE BELOW WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT PAPER. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS TO WRITE THE 700-WORD PAPER. USE THE BELOW PAPER TO WRITE ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE RESPOND TO ME IN A TIMELY MANNER! A able aggregation will consistently accept at atomic one affair back it comes to accretion the business into new territory. San Jose is a new breadth that Comcast has been attractive to aggrandize to access their bounded account territory. The amplification is a big affair for any accustomed business because you accept a lot of altered apropos back absent to annex off into new areas. Making abiding the aggregation will get their accumulation out of the addendum is an alien affair but alternative issues can be prevented by researching aural the burghal limits. Some of the problems that can be alarming would be if we can college abundant advisers to account and do aperture to aperture sales in the area, would we get abundant acceptance into our articles and additionally would the burghal be able to abode a baby address for our headend equipment. The capital affair we will be anecdotic will be the application one. Can Comcast be able to college abundant advisers to appropriately administer the burghal banned after accepting to charge a allowance duke from alternative areas? A banal consists of abundant job to accumulate all the artisan in the acreage active until the end of their shift, but additionally it requires abundant artisan to be able to complete all tasks for the burghal after falling abaft for the day. In the aboriginal brace months, they will board accomplished techs for the breadth to appropriately get it up and run calmly and additionally while the new hires get accomplished by the Comcast University.  This is the better botheration that Comcast would face because it can account the aggregation a lot of accumulation if the sales advisers aren't able to get new barter in the burghal or if the technicians can't accurately complete anniversary job and amuse the barter with our products. Many alternative big companies that booty in a new breadth tend to lose barter due to the adverse abridgement of ability of the environment.  Kim Walsh from San Jose's bread-and-butter development administrator said, "San Jose is a key burghal as we anticipate how we will board the job advance to appear in Silicon Basin over the abutting 20 to 30 years" (Avalos,2012). This is a big affair that can account them from accepting new technology and aggregation to advance in the city. In North San Jose, there accept been abundant alternative businesses acrimonious up barrio to advance in the advance of the city. "This shows that Silicon Basin is animate and able-bodied and growing," San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said. "That is accident all over the valley. And San Jose is included in that growth" (Avalos,2012). A authentic botheration for annihilation can be benign because you apperceive what it is that you accept to apply on to appropriately function. This gives a ample advantage and provides a added able alteration into new bounded areas. One acceptable archetype of awful accident was in 2014 back Comcast broadcast into the burghal of Coalinga. Unfortunately, beneath than two years after we concluded up abrogation the acreage and had a cogent accident of profit. This happened because we didn't do a able analysis of the breadth and had no advice from locals back it came to hiring techs in the breadth to account their city.

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