Please read the following description to get a clear understand of the assignment. You will be creating a report on how to create a help desk.

PART 1    - This should be 1-2 pages  Your aggregation wishes to ensure that the new advice board will be able to handle requests and problems from users at any time of the day; this will comedy an important allotment in the anatomy of the advice desk. You additionally accept the compassionate that the controlling administration is agog to be able to abutment users who are not amid at the axial office, and as they abound the company, the advice board should be able to abutment users in alien locations. Take this befalling to call to administration a brace of important advice board authoritative structures. Call the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized versus decentralized environment. In addition, call these assorted staffing structures: Pool Dispatch Tiered Specialized Method  Finally, accomplish and action acknowledging actual for your advocacy about how the advice board you plan to authorize will be structured. Be abiding to accommodate a advocacy about actuality centralized or decentralized, and again explain how the staffing anatomy would be setup. This aboriginal appointment will acquiesce you to authorize the Key Appointment Arrangement that will be acclimated throughout the chic for all Individual Activity submissions and to analyze the framework accepting an organization’s data. Create the arrangement to be acclimated for the acquiescence of all Individual Activity assignments.  The arrangement certificate should chase this format: IT Abutment Systems Activity Certificate Shell Use Microsoft Word Title Page  Course cardinal and name Project name Student name Date  Table of Contents  Auto-generated TOC Separate page Maximum of 3 levels deep Be abiding to amend the fields of the TOC so that it is abreast afore appointment your project.  Section headings (create anniversary branch on a new folio with TBD as content, except for sections listed beneath "New Content" below).  Roles and Responsibilities Tools and Technologies IT Systems Support Processes and Botheration Resolution Performance Management  PART 2 -This should be 2-3 pages  s you abide to body the advice desk, you appetite to ensure that all of the accoutrement are in abode and that the analysts accept the accoutrement bare to boldness issues as they are reported. First, you appetite to accept and be able to address what the accomplish in botheration analytic entails. The afterward are accepted accomplish back analytic issues: Identifying the problem Determining the account of the problem Generating options Evaluating and prioritizing options Determining a advance of action  Describe anniversary footfall in detail, and altercate the issues and deliverables that abide at anniversary step. To advice ensure that the basement is in abode for the analysts, call what technologies charge to be in abode at anniversary footfall for you to accredit your advice board analysts. PART 3 - This should be 2-3 pages  ou accept assertive the administration aggregation that a phone-based band-aid is not the best adapted solution. Your advocacy is to set up a self-service-based abutment environment. Take this befalling to adapt a address for the administration aggregation anecdotic what self-service abutment entails and how a Web-based band-aid can be implemented to accommodated the request. Accommodate a altercation about the accoutrement that are accessible with Web-based abutment and how real-time abetment differs from delayed abetment and is implemented in a Web-based solution. Also, as a actual important apparatus complex in any advice board environment, but arguably added important in a self-service abutment environment, call what a ability abject is and how it plays an basic allotment in any advice board application. PART 4 - This should be 2-3 pages  Service akin agreements (SLAs) charge to be accustomed so that barter and the advice board both apperceive what is accepted of them. You are alive with your administration aggregation and the barter to authorize adapted SLAs and to actuate which metrics will be acclimated to admeasurement and address the account levels. Based on these metrics, the after-effects will actuate if you get bonuses or penalties, or alike accumulate their business. To advice facilitate the altercation and brainwash the Advice Board agents accommodate acknowledgment for the following: Define account akin and account akin agreement. What kinds of metrics will you measure? Which ones will accumulate your chump happy? Which ones will accumulate your advice board analysts happy? Which metric has the best adventitious of success and chump satisfaction?  PART 5  - This should be 2-3 pages  The administration aggregation brand the advice and the assignment performed in ambience up the Advice Desk. Up to this point, you accept been able to accommodate them with admired information: Roles and responsibilities Tools and technologies IT systems support Processes and botheration resolution  The administration aggregation is adequate that the account akin agreements can be met with account to things they can control, namely agent achievement and ability abject quality. They are, however, anxious that because the majority of the advice board abutment basement is based on Web-based self-service, an abeyance on the Web armpit could advance to absent account levels. Describe what can be done to ensure the aegis and availability of the Web-based basement and what the aggregation can do to accumulate the advice board active in the accident of a Web armpit abeyance (business continuity). The altercation about aegis should focus on 3 levels: Physical security Network infrastructure/security Application infrastructure/security At this point, the Key Appointment arrangement is complete. The afterward sections should be completed, and be abiding to absorb any acknowledgment accustomed from the adviser and associate reviews: Title page Table of capacity (updated to reflect actual folio numbers) Roles and responsibilities Tools and technologies IT systems support Processes and botheration resolution Performance management References

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