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 Discussion Post ---Word Count Is Your Discretion for All Questions Except Question 6 750 Words Minimum!!! ---MLA Format --- Cite All Sources --- Due 2pm American/ New York Time --- 2/14/18 **Read Case Study 1 Absorbed & Acknowledgment Question 1**  Case 6-1: An Adolescent Couple with HIV Question 1: “You are the assistant in the dispensary on the day Alexa finds out she has HIV. She charcoal in the dispensary for added than an hour with you while you try to abutment and animate her. You accept had academic HIV counseling training, so you administer your abilities as you acquaint with her. Several weeks later, afterwards Alexia is added composed and has had time to anticipate added about her situation, she drops by the dispensary and wants to allocution with you on a added claimed basis. She needs comforting. What approaches will you use with Alexa? Please analyze how to use and administer the nursing ethical competencies to advice Alexa. Be specific with your approaches and rationales. You can access this affair befitting in apperception the three key ethical attempt of autonomy, beneficience and nonmaleficense as they chronicle to your nursing interventions. ** Apprehend Case Study 2 Absorbed & Acknowledgment Question 2 ** Question 2: CBRT Case Study Attached. Use commodity to acknowledgment questions below 1. Phosgene acknowledgment causes deepening and pulmonary edema that is deleterious to the activity of the lungs. (a) What are the three concrete factors that access pulmonary ventilation? How would anniversary of these factors be afflicted by deepening and edema? 2. Afterwards acknowledgment to phosgene gas, the fractional pressures of both O2 and CO2 would be adapted in the claret and tissues, because the apparatus for affective these gases in and out of the anatomy has been compromised. Afterwards astringent acknowledgment to phosgene, what would you apprehend to acquisition if you abstinent the fractional burden of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the alveoli, the claret plasma, and the beef of the tissues? 3. The carriage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the claret is analytical for survival. The victims with the best astringent affection would charge automated blast to affected the disability of their respiratory systems to advance accustomed claret levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Phosgene gas would abate the bulk of oxygen accessible for carriage to the tissues. In addition, the metabolic decay artefact carbon dioxide is transported by three mechanisms aback to the alveoli in the blood. Here carbon dioxide crosses the respiratory membrane, apprenticed by a burden acclivity that favors its avenue via the lungs during exhalation. By alive which apparatus transports the best CO2, adumbrate what would appear to the claret pH if the CO2 akin badly increased? ** Apprehend Below & Acknowledgment Question 3** Question 3:  Give a abrupt description of Botox & briefly describes how it affects the afraid arrangement and activity abeyant conduction. You should accept a minimum of 2 academically adapted resources. ** Apprehend Below & Acknowledgment Question 4 I Absorbed Chapters**  Question 4:  Please apprehend Altercation 13 in your text, about Adolescence Blubber and Early Chronic Diseases. As with abounding accessible bloom concerns, there is a altercation about claimed albatross and ecology influence. This battle is added complicated back it involves children. Discuss what individuals, groups, or agencies you anticipate are amenable for acclamation adolescence obesity? Please adduce two to three solutions to abode this affair and accommodate affirmation to abutment your ideas. ** Apprehend Below & Acknowledgment Question 5** Question 5: Please apprehend the afterward book and abide a address with a acknowledgment to anniversary of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA style.                                                      Mini Case Study of Betsy’s Bones Betsy is a 72-year-old retired abecedary who lives alone. She acclimated to adulation gardening, but back affective to a condo, doesn’t get abundant time outside, and spends best of her canicule account or talking on the phone. She presents to her doctor accusatory of appropriate leg affliction and beef weakness. Her class after-effects showed amiss vitamin D and bargain cartilage density, and a diet anamnesis included: • Breakfast: two above eggs, 1 accomplished grapefruit with 1 tsp sugar, 12 oz. atramentous coffee • Lunch: cucumber sandwich (made with a ½ cup of broken cucumber, 2 slices white bread, and 1 T mayonnaise), 1 oz. potato chips, 16 oz. absinthian algid tea • Dinner: pasta (1 c.) with meatless marinara booze (1/2 c.), baby white roll, 1 bottle red wine, fun-size Milky Way. Betsy is 5’4” and weighs 126# (57kg). She says she loves to cook, but back it’s aloof her, she usually aloof prepares commodity quick and easy. Every Sunday she goes to abbey and to the grocery store, but otherwise, she doesn’t leave the abode much. 1. Estimate how abundant protein Betsy is getting. How abundant does she need? Is her assimilation adequate? What recommendations do you accept apropos Betsy’s protein intake? 2. What about Betsy’ aqueous intake? Is she accepting abundant water? What are abeyant after-effects of not demography in abundant fluid?  3. Her doctor recommended a vitamin D supplement. What alternative means can Betsy advance her vitamin D status? List some foods that are acceptable sources of vitamin D.  4. Betsy’s mom had osteoporosis and she’s anxious about developing it too. What accomplish can Betsy booty to advance her cartilage health? Are there specific nutrients alternative than vitamin D and calcium that are important to cartilage health?  5. Why is vitamin D absence added accepted in the elderly? ** Apprehend Below & Acknowledgment Question 6** Question 1: You are appropriate to column  750-word arbitrary of a claimed acknowledgment to a absorbed  article (MATERNAL-FETAL CONFLICT). The arbitrary should reflect self-awareness and analytical cerebration apropos why you chose both the commodity and the accountable matter. Validate your assessment with references to the cipher of ethics. Articles and references acclimated in researching the affair arbitrary charge be cited application able APA format.  Accommodate some accomplishments anecdotic it and why it is appropriate and account consideration.  What are the pro and con arguments about the problem? Refer to ethical concepts, theories and attempt in your book.  What is your position on this botheration and why? How do you anticipate it could be resolved?  . ** View the Video Below & Acknowledgment Question 7** Question 7: Reflection: Afterwards examination the "Unusual Abutment Group" material, why is it that infection ante went up AFTER bigger sanitation? If Polio had adulterated the animal citizenry for centuries and alone a baby allotment has abiding damage, why were we so bent to "fight" this infection and eradicate it?

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