Please prepare all three essays. Compare your answers with classmates.

   Please adapt all three essays. Compare your answers with classmates. I will accept one of these to abode on the assay and you will accept to address it beginning for 30 points. 1: Discuss how the abstraction of accumbent gene alteration relates to bacteria. Accommodate the afterward in your discussion: bacterial mechanisms of accumbent gene alteration and how they alter from accustomed inheritance the accent of accumbent gene alteration to the assay of bacterial infections the furnishings this abstraction has on evolutionary relationships central and alfresco the bacterial domain 2: Explain why the commonwealth Protista is no best a accurate kingdom. Accommodate the afterward as evidence: the abstraction of monophyletic vs. para or polyphyletic the affirmation that neither protista nor the old subgroups “algae” and “protozoa” are monophyletic your claimed advancement for how the above protist groups could be rearranged to actualize monophyletic kingdoms (remember to accommodate the college eukaryotes in your analysis) 3: Compare and adverse reproduction in nonvascular, seedless vascular, and seeded plants. Accommodate the afterward in your answer: the abstraction of alternation of ancestors and how this differs from animal reproduction a description of this alternation in moss, including the concepts of sporophyte/gametophyte, diploid/haploid, spore/gamete, and dominant/dependent the key differences amid your description in moss and the aforementioned processes in seedless vascular and seeded plants I charge a folio for anniversary catechism on the absorbed handout. Very absolute .

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