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  Files:  Article Appraisal Example.docx (19.321 KB)  Online Alum Student action cocky adjustment and procrastination.pdf (150.586 KB) After reviewing the afterward instructions, read, summarize, and appraisal the absorbed article. In Week 1 and Week 2 acceptance began to apprentice the basics of APA Style. In Week 3 acceptance alteration from acquirements basal APA Style formatting to acquirements the basics of account and autograph about bookish research. Acceptance will appraisal abounding accessories throughout their program; therefore, the abilities addressed in this appointment are important to learn.  Your adeptness to appraisal a analysis commodity will advance ample over time as you apprentice added about analysis methods and statistics. Focus on affection by absorbed unnecessary "filler" advice (the being abounding freshmen do in an undergraduate program).  Be actual direct, factual, logical, and clear. Assignment Instructions: For this assignment, accommodate the following: 1) awning page, 2) introduction, 3) two capital sections (use area headings) including a summary (e.g., background, methods, results) and an commodity appraisal (e.g., strengths, limitations), 4) a cessation (use a area heading), and 5) a references account (separate page).  Attached is an archetype of how your commodity appraisal ability look.  We animate you to save the absorbed archetype to your Learner Toolbox. This cardboard should be two pages long.  Acceptance are encouraged to analysis the Grading Rubric to bigger accept the exact belief they will be graded on. NOTE: Acceptance new to analysis may be challenged with compassionate how to appraisal an commodity and what to accommodate in their critique.  To advice you accept what advice to include, analysis the absorbed example, as able-bodied as chase the internet for alternative assets that ability advice you.  This is acceptable convenance as you will appointment abounding capacity and activities alien to you during your alum program. References Rakes, G. C., & Dunn, K. E. (2010). The appulse of online alum students' action and self-regulation on bookish procrastination. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 9(1), 78-93.

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