Please complete and submit steps 7–8 of the Financial Analysis Report

Complete the afterward accomplish ante now in Unit 3:    7. Go to: Analysis EDGAR’s database for added SEC address filings: 8-k, 10-Q.   8. The afterward table is the blazon of Excel or Word table that should be acclimated to accumulate and address the arrangement and banking achievement abstracts that reflect the best accepted abounding year’s annualized banking arrangement data. Note the 5 banking analytic categories that should be acclimated in your analysis. Use 2–3 ratios per analytic category. Place your arrangement calculations in the table for your called companies — primary aggregation and criterion competitor. Using 5 analytic categories, and 3 ratios to appraise anniversary category, address the 15 arrangement measures per aggregation that will be compared ancillary by side.    • To validate your research, use the best accepted year’s annualized banking arrangement data.   Use the absolute table provided or actualize a table in Word or Excel. There are abounding altered ratios that you can use. Here are some examples. a. Liquidity of concise assets: Current, Quick, Cash Ratios; b. Long-term debt-paying ability: Long-term Debt/Equity, Interest Coverage, Debt service, Time Interest Earned Ratios; c. Profit: Gross Margin, Operating Margin, Net Margin, ROA, ROE; d. Asset utilization/management efficiency: Account turnover, Day Sales inventory, Receivables turnover, Fixed asset turnover, Total asset about-face ratios; e. Market measures: P/E, PEG, Dividend yield, P/B.

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