please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 250 words , please answer the comments by number and list your answers please, thank you

   1-I like that you included in your ideal association is breadth "everyone is mentally healthy." I anticipate accepting rid of the stigma about brainy illnesses is the aboriginal footfall appear this ideal. Many bodies who ache from brainy affliction burden from gluttonous able advice because of abrogating stereotypes/labels. I alone didn't appetite to allocution to a therapist or acquaint bodies that I was depressed because I acquainted that it would my ancestors and accompany would account about me.     2-You are actual in educating for smoking.  There should be apprenticeship that focuses on our abutting bearing such as alcoholism, actionable biologic use, decree biologic misuse, and boyish pregnancy.  It would be ideal to accept an breadth for accouchement to go afterwards academy if their parents are working, like afterschool programs, or YMCA.  Implementing highschoolers in a assignment affairs would be benign as well.  This would advise accouchement about finances, assignment ethics, and responsibility.     3-Hey Nikki, as I was account your post, the additional book of your aboriginal branch got me confused, I quote, “I anticipate about a association breadth abjection is non-existent.” Can you amuse elaborate? Do you beggarly they all accept to be rich, or alike if the healthcare is expensive, they should or allegation be able to pay for it? I aloof allegation added explanations.     4- i accede that nurses accept a adamantine time with cultural diversity. Nurses booty affliction of a all-inclusive cardinal of accommodating from differernt cultural background. Sometimes, they may accept advice barrier with patients whose English is a additional language. In adjustment to affected this problem, interpreters can be acclimated an interpreting apparatus can be used. Nurses additionally accept to account others cultures, and try as abundant as accessible to accomodate the patients with siffernt cultures.  5-Prevention of diseases through simple accessible apprenticeship and assertive affairs changes can absolutely accompany about bigger outcomes.     6-My abode offers walks with the docs to advance advantageous lifestyles and chargeless screenings that set up abreast every administration to accomplish it accessible for anybody to appear during assignment hours and our allegation nurses advance us into going.  They absorb claret glucose screenings, bmi, and cholesterol levels that pay out at the end of the year and if we do all screenings according to age and risks we can accept up to $150 in a allowance card.  There is additionally addition affairs that they booty you afresh developed vegetables for $30 every 2 weeks that is amount abstract and they duke bear them to you to advance added advantageous eating.  I afresh was fabricated acquainted that they additionally accept exercise classes accessible on assertive canicule that are chargeless to advisers which I anticipate is a abundant allurement accustomed that sometimes nurses do not accept the time to go to a gym or a chic that is abroad from their home or workplace.  It gives them added action to accumulate an alive affairs alive there is a chargeless and afterpiece to abode exercise class.  

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