please answer base in this answer in APA format .Write at least 250 words , please answer the comments by number and list your answers please, thank you

1- I enjoyed account your post. I would additionally like to add that assessing the boyhood bearings will advice in accouterment the appropriate assets options. Finding assets are a abundant way for a assistant to advance advice for a teen. It should be geared appear adolescents and accouterment them with added options to be active and mentors.  Teenagers feel added adequate in associate counseling, than talking to an developed for archetype accepting a faith-based beat could accord a foundation that they are missing. Other options, could be boyhood groups, volunteering, and alive with shelters, animals or homeless. This can accord the boyhood a purpose, authoritative them feel needed, active and important.     2-Communicating with our accouchement is actual important, abnormally during the boyhood stage. Some adolescents attempt to acclimation academy work, sports, and aggravating to fit in society. I additionally accept that educating adolescents about depression/suicide is important. As parents we should accomplish the boyish kids to be actual adequate administration their apropos with us. We should abstain actuality over strict. Listen to them back they talk. Accord them a adventitious to accomplish choices and articulation their appearance and alike if we disagree, we charge to attending at things from their perspective. Advice them body self-esteem.  Spent time with them but at the aforementioned time appearance account back they charge space.    3-Many depressed boyhood feel like their family, abnormally parents don't accept what it is like to be a boyhood or can chronicle to accepted issues boyhood are faced with today. It could additionally be that the boyhood thinks the parents will abuse them for agreeable in a accurate address or accord in inappropriate behaviors. It depends on what account the stressors and the accord this boyhood has accustomed with the parents. Some boyhood may be depressed because of bullying, not applicable in, or abashed for accommodating in the inappropriate activity. It was one accommodating adventure occurred in my association area a adolescent babe afraid herself afterwards actuality bent with a adolescent boy in an abnormal act at school. It was beneath than 24 hours, and the adolescent babe was deceased. I don't apperceive the circumstances, but I can brainstorm accepting to face others at academy afterwards it was discussed on face book. Think about how you could accept encountered your parents afterwards an adventure like this. They accept the boyhood won't allege with doctors because of confidentiality. They apperceive the doctors are usually in acceptable standings with the parents and already accept developed a accord with them. So they are not actual accessible with advice or gluttonous help.

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