answer any 4 of the afterward questions 80 words no plagiarism, apa format, references Enter your name as the Subject Enter the catechism # you accept chose at the alpha of anniversary acknowledgment so that others apperceive what catechism you accept chosen. (i.e. Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6) 1. Describe File Structures and Relational Database. 2. What is Normalization and Denormalization? 3. Define Master File Design. 4. Describe how a Query is performed on a Database. 5. What is a Data Warehouse? 6. What is OLAP? 7. Define Human-Computer Interaction. 8. Describe Types of User Interfaces. 9. What is UX Design? 10. Describe Interfaces for Smartphones and Tablets. 11. What are Mashups? 12. What are the best practices for Designing Queries? 13. Define Effective and Efficient Data Capture. 14. Describe how to Ensure Data Quality and Input Validation. 15. What are Bottlenecks?

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